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Nutrient Management Plan (590) for Organic Systems


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By Rex Dufour (National Center for Appropriate Technology), Sarah Brown (Oregon Tilth), and Denise Troxell (NRCS)

Published: January 2014

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30 pages

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This document is an instruction guide for creating and implementing a nutrient management plan (NMP) on certified or transitioning organic lands. An NMP for organically managed lands describes the amount, source, placement, form, and timing of the application of nutrients and soil amendments, generally by field, to meet crop nutrient needs while protecting water quality, improving soil health, and utilizing manure and other organically acceptable byproducts as nutrient sources.

Table of Contents

Purpose and Objectives
Relevant National Organic Standards

Section 1.
Determining Crop Need for
Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium

Section 2.
Developing Nutrient Credits

Section 3.
Determining Nutrient Application Rates

Section 4.
Evaluating Risk of Leaching and Runoff

Section 5.
Calculating Nutrient Application Rates Based on Risk Analysis

Appendix A.

Appendix B.
Conversion Tables

Appendix C.
References to NRCS Publications and Other Resources

Appendix D.
Implementation Requirement Worksheet

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