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Tipsheet: Compost


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By Thea Rittenhouse
NCAT Agriculture Specialist

Published: July 2015

Updated: n/a



8 pages

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If managed properly, incorporating compost is an effective long-term method for building soil fertility in organic production systems.

Table of Contents

USDA Organic Regulations for Organic Compost
NOP-Approved Compost Materials/Feedstock
NOP Time/Temperature Guidelines
Vermicompost USDA Organic Guidance
Compost Teas
When is compost finished?
Food Safety Modernization Act Guidelines for Compost
Common Farm Compost Systems
How much compost will you need?
Critical Components of Composting: Temperature, Moisture, and Oxygen
Compost Application Rates
Useful Equipment/Tools for Making Compost
Sources of Chemical Contamination of Compost in Organic Systems

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