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Non-GMO Dairy Transition Guide


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By Lee Rinehart

Published: May 2016

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28 pages

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Increased consumer demand, a reduction in corn-insect populations due to Bt corn, and comparable feed-grain yields make non-GMO dairy production a viable option for many producers. However, making a transition requires considering alternative pest management strategies and establishing a system of traceability of all inputs to the system in order to verify the non-GMO status of milk products. This publication will assist producers in making a decision by discussing feed-crop and livestock management, pest control, non-GMO standards, and economics. A list of resources for further reading is included.

Table of Contents

Transitioning to Non-GMO Dairying
Feed-Grain Crop Management
Livestock Management
Pasture Management and Soil Health
Pest-Management Strategies
Standards, Verification, and Risk Management
Contracts and Agreements
Economics: Feed Grain Costs and Yield Considerations
Case Study: Hiland Natural, A Non-GMO Feed Company

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