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Peaches: Organic and Low-Spray Production


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By Guy K. Ames

Published: June 2012

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28 pages

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This publication describes the major diseases and insect pests of peaches and discusses organic or least-toxic control options for each. It emphasizes the considerable climatic differences between the arid West, which is relatively amenable to organic peach production, and the humid East, where it is more difficult to grow peaches without synthetic fungicides and insecticides. It profiles a successful organic peach grower in California, discusses new-generation synthetic and organic pesticides, and describes organic peach research for the East, as well as a model reduced-spray program for the East. A "postscript" examines the dilemma of the environmentally conscious consumer in regard to peaches. The last section lists additional references, publications, and electronic information sites.

Table of Contents

Geographic Factors that Affect Disease and Pest Incidence
New-Generation Fungicides: Safer and More Effective
Insect Pests
Post-script: The Peach Problem and Local Food
Further Resources
Appendix I: Hypothetical Pest-Control Calendar for an Eastern Organic Peach Grower
Appendix II: Bacterial Spot Susceptibility Rating

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