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Washington DC

American Farmland Trust
1200 18th Street NW, Suite 800
Washington, DC 20036

202-659-8339 (FAX)
202-331-7300 (Office)
800-370-4879 (Toll-Free)
Email: info@farmland.org
Description: See Web site for services and Publications.

Family & Small Farms Program
United States Department of Agriculture National Institute of Food and Agriculture
1400 Independence Ave. SW., Stop 2201
Washington, DC 20250 - 2215

Contact: Siva Sureshwaran
202-401-6070 (FAX)
202-720-7536 (Office)
800-583-3071 (Toll-Free)
Email: ssureshwaran@nifa.usda.gov
Description: NIFA administers competitive and non-competitive funding opportunities that help its partners undertake research, education, and extension activities that support the work of farmers and ranchers across the United States.

Humane Society of the U.S. Farm Animals and Sustainable Agriculture Program
2100 L Street NW
Washington, DC 20037

202-452-1100 (Office)
Email: farmanimals@hsus.org
Description: They have available many publications and books.

National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition
110 Maryland Avenue NE
Washington, DC 20002

202-547-1837 (FAX)
202-547-5754 (Office)
Email: info@sustainableagriculture.net

Rural Coalition/Coalicion Rural
1029 Vermont Avenue, NW, Suite 601
Washington, DC 20005

202-628-7165 (FAX)
202-628-7160 (Office)
Email: ruralco@ruralco.org
Description: Alliance of 70 diverse organizations working with rural, low income people in conservation, sustainable agriculture, and community development. Publications include a newsletter, brochures, and a monthly update.

The Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI)
1220 L St. N.W., Suite 300
Washington, DC 20005

202-265-4954 (FAX)
202-332-9110 (Office)
Email: cspi@cspinet.org
Description: CSPI is an independent non-profit consumer health group. CSPI advocates honest food labeling, stronger food safety policies, safer food additives, sustainable agriculture, and healthier foods in restaurants. Many publications are available, including the Nutrition Action Healthletter (on-line).

The Plant Conservation Alliance
1849 C Street NW, LSB-204
Washington, DC 20240

Contact: Julie Lyke
202-452-0392 (Office)
Email: plant@plantconservation.org

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