Beekeepers Report Losses of More than 45%

Preliminary results from the Bee Informed Partnership’s annual survey of beekeepers show losses of more than 45% of managed bee colonies in the past year. This is the second-highest loss rate the survey has recorded since it began in 2006. “This year’s survey results show that colony losses are still high,” says Nathalie Steinhauer, Bee Informed Partnership’s science coordinator and a post-doctoral researcher in the University of Maryland Department of Entomology. “Not all beekeepers are affected at the same intensity, but the turnover rate of colonies is still overall higher than beekeepers deem acceptable.” This past year, winter losses were reported at 32.2%, which is 9.6 percentage points higher than last year and 3.9 points higher than the survey average. Summer losses were some of the highest ever reported again this year at 31.1%.