Burroughs Family Farms — A Playlist

Burroughs Family Farm Videos Playlist Burroughs Family Farm raises pastured poultry together with other enterprises on their multigenerational, diversified, organic regenerative farm in Merced County, California. Rose Marie “Rosie” Burroughs interviews three generations of family members about daily care of laying hens, organic certification, livestock guardian dogs, fencing, integration of poultry with other enterprises, and mobile henhouse construction.

Playlist Videos:
Introducing Burroughs Family Farms, an Organic, Regenerative Multi-Generational Farm

Burroughs Family Farms: Daily Care of Pastured Poultry

Burroughs Family Farms: Organic Certification of Laying Hens

Burroughs Family Farms: Livestock Guardian Dogs for Poultry and Sheep

Burroughs Family Farms: Fencing for Poultry, Sheep, and Cattle

Burroughs Family Farms: Integrating Pastured Poultry, Other Enterprises: Dairy, Almonds and Olives

Burroughs Family Farms: Mobile Henhouse Construction

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