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Permalink Assessment of Weeds on New England's Organic Vegetable Farms Completed

Scientists from Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont have completed the first comprehensive assessment of weeds found on organic vegetable farms in Northern New England, funded by the Northern New England Collaborative Research Funding Program. The results of this study help provide a baseline for organic growers who could face challenges from new, problematic weeds due to environmental change. Participating scientists sampled weed seedbanks and measured soil physical and chemical characteristics on 77 organic farms across the region. They found 113 weed species, though just a handful of these accounted for almost three-quarters of the total number of weeds found. The scientists determined that temperature-related variables were the strongest and most consistent correlates with weed seedbank composition. They also found that some weed species are more genetically diverse than had been previously recognized, and they found that some species may have economic potential.



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