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In Austin, Texas, the Urban Farms Process and Code Coordination working group of the Sustainable Food Policy Board is working to clarify and update city code related to urban farms, livestock, size of farm, employees, and dwelling, reports The Austin Chronicle. The working group has been holding public sessions this spring, designed to gather input from urban farmers and community stakeholders in regard to pending updates to the urban farm ordinance. Meanwhile, in March 2013, Detroit City Council adopted the city's first urban agriculture zoning ordinance recognizing agriculture as a legitimate land use and setting standards for it, according to Flint Farmers' Market. Urban farming has become increasingly popular in recent years as a way to deal with vacant property, revitalize neighborhoods and provide job skills and nutrition to remaining local residents struggling with poverty and a lack of access to fresh produce. Other cities working to update or create urban agriculture codes include Fort Collins, Colorado; Boston; and Tucson, Arizona.



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