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Five years of corn cropping-systems data from a NIFA-funded Sustainable Corn Coordinated Agricultural Project led by Iowa State University are now available online. The research included nine states, 11 institutions, and a 140-member team collecting data from 30 field research sites in the Midwest. The data includes plotting tools, plot maps, photographs, and weather data. Practices evaluated included corn-soybean rotation, cereal rye cover crops within a corn-soybean rotation, extended and diverse crop rotations, water drainage management, canopy nitrogen sensing, and tillage management. The team posted the data to the USDA National Ag Library Ag Data Commons,, which is a long-term repository and provides additional access to the data. Teams receiving USDA-NIFA funding are required to make data publicly available once a project has ended. The Sustainable Corn CAP team encourages others to use the data to generate added value for research applications and educational purposes.



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