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Permalink DanoneWave Launches Soil Health Initiative Promoting Regenerative Agriculture

DanoneWave has launched a new soil health initiative, reports Sustainable Brands. The company will work with a team of experts from the Carbon Sequestration Center at Ohio State University and Cornell University, as well as consultants at sustainability platform EcoPractices, over the next 18 months to identify ways to regenerate soils by enhancing organic matter and soil fertility. Ohio State will lead soil sampling across identified farms, analyze samples and identify practices to increase the carbon intake of soil. Cornell will evaluate soil health to make recommendations to be implemented over the next five years at participating farms; and EcoPractices, in partnership with EFC/Ag Solver, will gather information from program partners to analyze and share reports that help create an understanding of what the data means for various stakeholders. DanoneWave will commit up to $6 million for the research program over the next five years.



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