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Permalink Economic Impacts of Agriculture and Food Systems Measured in Report

The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity (TEEB) has released a Scientific and Economic Foundations Report that provides a ground-breaking platform to evaluate the real costs and benefits—including environmental, health, and social impacts—of our agriculture and food systems. More than 150 experts from 33 countries deliver a strong and urgent message to the global community on the need for a transformation of our agriculture and food systems that is sustainable, equitable, and healthy. With this report, policymakers, researchers, and citizens now have more reliable and integrated information on the
hidden (and unaccounted) costs and benefits—the "externalities"—of the whole system, not just parts of it. This report looks at all the impacts of the value chain, from farm to fork to disposal, including effects on livelihoods, the environment, and health. An 84-page summary of the report is available online: Measuring what matters in agriculture and food systems: a synthesis of the results and recommendations of TEEB for Agriculture and Food’s Scientific and Economic Foundations report.



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