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Permalink Farm Service Agency Announces Changes to Tree Assistance Program

USDA logoUSDA Farm Service Agency has released updated signup information for the Tree Assistance Program (TAP). This program provides orchardists and nursery tree growers with cost share assistance to replant eligible trees, bushes, and vines following a natural disaster. The Bipartisan Budget Act of 2018 made several changes to TAP, including removing the per person and legal entity program year payment limitation ceiling of $125,000. It also increased the acreage cap, and growers are eligible to be partly reimbursed for losses on up to 1,000 acres per program year, double the previous acreage. Eligible producers should file for TAP assistance by the later of these two dates: 90 days of the disaster or when damages from the disaster are noticed; or 60 days after the regulation is published in the Federal Register. Producers with 2017 losses can also file an application or revise an original application because of the changes made through the Act.



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