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Permalink French Study Considers Landscape Effects of Organic Farming in Vineyards

A study by researchers at the University of Bordeaux, published in Journal of Applied Ecology, concluded that organic farming at a landscape scale maintains low pest infestation and high crop productivity levels in vineyards. The study investigated whether increasing the area under organic farming at the landscape scale could increase pest infestations and reduce crop productivity. In a study of 42 vineyards, they found that increasing the area under organic farming did not increase pest infestation levels, but that organic vineyards had much lower treatment intensities. Meanwhile, the organic vineyards had very similar levels of pest control and equal crop productivity levels. Study authors conclude, "Our results clearly indicate that policies promoting the development of organic farming in conventional vineyard landscapes will not lead to greater pest and disease infestations but will reduce the pesticide treatment intensity and maintain crop productivity."



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