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Permalink How an Iowa Farm is Transitioning to Organic Row Crops

Keota, Iowa, father-son farmers Trent and Levi Lyle are transitioning a 40-acre field to organic production, reports Ag Update. The Lyles discussed the price premium available for organic crops, the cost-share programs that can help support the transition to organic production, and their desire to reduce the family's chemical exposure. They also discussed their approach to weed management, which involves a roller-crimper to kill cover crops, longer crop rotations with a small grain in the rotation, and use of historic weed-control methods. Livestock can also play a role in consuming cover crops and adding fertility to a field. Levi Lyle, a certified organic inspector, is familiar with the record-keeping requirements for organic certification, and has experience marketing non-commodity crops from his eight years producing aronia berries.



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