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Permalink Humane Farming Mentorship Program Launched, Accepting Applications

Food Animal Concerns Trust (FACT) is offering a new mentorship program is for beginning livestock and poultry farmers seeking personalized guidance from an experienced farmer on business strategies and animal management practices. The year-long, phone-based program is designed for family farmers who wish to raise their animals on pasture using sustainable, humane methods. Mentors and mentees are needed. Farmers who currently raise animals and have at least one year of farming experience are eligible to participate as mentees. Upon acceptance into the program, mentees will be asked to pay $200 to participate. Mentors are also sought; they must use humane animal management practices and ideally have 10 years of experience or more raising animals. Mentors are compensated $250 for participating. Apply by January 31, 2018, to participate as either a mentee or a mentor.



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