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Permalink Illinois Scientists Developing Weed-Management Robots as Alternative to Chemicals

Multi-disciplinary scientists at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign are using Cyber Physical Systems funding from USDA to develop robots that would weed crops. The technology would offer an alternative to chemical weed controls, which are losing effectiveness as weeds become resistant to them. The autonomous weeding robots would also make it possible to weed a field once it has established a canopy. Principal Investigator Girish Chowdhary and his group of scientists hope their research will result in farmers having a team of reliable, proficient, and cost-effective robots as a sustainable weed management option. Their AgBot can traverse a crop field and determine, in real time, the difference between a cash crop and a weed. The next step is to build an arm that would be responsible for the weeding action of the robot.



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