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Permalink Non-Profit Farm School Offers Student Training

Wisconsin farmer Harold Altenburg has started a nonprofit school at his farm to teach high-school-age youth work skills, reports Agri-View. Altenburg, now 84, has hired students to work on his farm since 1964, but noted a decline in the level of youth working skills. With the help of community members and Incourage, a local community development organization, Altenburg put his vision for a youth training program into action on his farm. Six students in school-based apprenticeship programs initiated the program this past growing season, working in a student-operated garden with the oversight of the farm's manager. In 2017, the 40-acre farm raised 6.5 acres of strawberries, about 7.5 acres of pumpkins, one acre of sweet corn, and asparagus and rhubarb. It also offers a range of agritourism activities.



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