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Permalink Organic Grass and Legume Dairy-Cow Diet Enhances Milk Nutrition

A collaborative international research project including the University of Minnesota found that cows fed a 100% organic grass and legume-based diet produce milk with elevated levels of omega-3 and CLA, providing a healthier balance of fatty acids. The study contrasted milk from organic "grassmilk" cows, cows fed a mixed diet of organic forage and grain, and cows fed a conventional mix of forage and grain. Researchers found that grassmilk provides by far the highest level of omega-3s—0.05 grams per 100 grams of milk, compared to 0.02 g/100 g in conventional milk - a 147% increase in omega-3s. Researchers concluded that daily consumption of grassmilk dairy products could potentially improve U.S. health trends.



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