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Permalink Poll Shows Farmers Concerned about Bayer and Monsanto Merger

A national poll fielded by a coalition of farm groups shows that an overwhelming majority of surveyed farmers are concerned about the proposed Bayer-Monsanto merger and believe it will have a negative impact on independent farmers and farming communities. Additionally, 89% of farmers think the merger will result in increased pressure for chemically dependent farming. The poll also found a high level of concern among farmers surveyed that the merged company will control data about farm practices, will increase prices, and will diminish quality, choice, and seed varieties, including the availability of regionally adapted seed, which farmers identified as critical given increasing climate variability. Poll results were released as the U.S. Department of Justice is reviewing the merger between chemical giant Bayer (NYSE:BAYN) and agrochemical giant Monsanto (NYSE: MON). If the Bayer-Monsanto merger is approved, the new company would be the world's largest vegetable seed company, world's largest cottonseed company, world's largest manufacturer and seller of herbicides, and the world's largest owner of intellectual property/patents for herbicide tolerant traits.



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