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Permalink Purdue Study Says Labeling Decreases Opposition to GE Food

A study led by Purdue University and University of Vermont researchers found that a labeling requirement for genetically engineered (GE) food in Vermont decreased consumer opposition to GE food. In 2016, a Vermont law requiring labeling for GE food went into effect, but it was superseded by a Federal law just 27 days later. However, this study finds that during this period, opposition to GE foods declined significantly in Vermont, even as it increased in the rest of the country. "Our findings show that simple disclosure labels will not scare consumers away," Jane Kolodinsky, professor and chair in the University of Vermont’s Department of Community Development and Applied Economics, said. "We show that labels, like the ones implemented in Vermont, can actually improve attitudes toward food with genetically engineered ingredients. That these results occurred in a traditional hot bed of GMO opposition is striking."



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