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Permalink Survey Finds GMO Disclosure Labels Lower Consumer Acceptance

International Food Information Council (IFIC) Foundation research found that when a "bioengineered" disclosure label was applied to food products, consumer concerns increased dramatically, particularly those regarding human health. IFIC Foundation tested reactions to the three proposed BE labeling symbols and two variations of text disclosures. In every combination, levels of concern across a variety of factors increased—often substantially—when a disclosure label was applied. The survey also asked consumers how they preferred to receive the legally required GMO disclosure information from food companies on GMOs, ranking their choices among six methods. "Symbol or visual representation" was selected as the top method by 51%, declining through the options to just 3% favoring scanning an electronic or digital link. Additionally, the survey found that the presence of a bioengineered logo reduces what consumers would be willing to pay for a product versus one without a logo.



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