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Permalink Urban Organics Scales Up Aquaponics Facility

In St. Paul, Minnesota, Urban Organics has increased the scale of its aquaponics operation ten-fold, opening one of the largest aquaponics facilities in the world in the 87,000-square-foot Schmidt Brewery complex, according to The Growler. The company began its operations in 2012 in former brewery and has been so successful with its combination of fish and greens that it is expanding significantly. Urban Options raises Atlantic salmon or Arctic char for local restaurants. They also raise a variety of organic lettuces without soil for restaurants and retail grocers. Their existing facility informed the design for the new operation, which will use LED lights to dramatically cut energy costs, and used two separate loops for water to keep plants from getting over-fertilized by fish waste. Operators of Urban Organics call it the farm of the future, based on its efficient use of water and its proximity to customers.



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