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Permalink Wisconsin Farm Center Offers Farmer Support

Wisconsin Farm Center will present "Green Flags, Red Flags: How to Analyze a Farm’s Finances," during a January 24 meeting for agribusiness professionals on "Supporting Farmers During Challenging Times." (The Farm Center’s) presentation will focus on how to analyze a farms finances in terms of positive indicators, such as keeping accurate and detailed records, understanding debt, and using legal debt and tax reduction strategies, and negative indicators such as avoiding high use of credit card debt, multiple lenders, and frequent requests for extensions of payment dates. The Wisconsin Farm Center works one-on-one with Wisconsin farmers and their families during start-up, growth, change, generational succession, and retirement. Farm Center staff can help with farm transitions, farm finances, herd health, legal matter,s and more. Services are available for new farmers, for families that have been farming for many years, and for minority farm families.



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