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May 2015

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Permalink Cover Cropping on a Diversifed Vegetable Farm

June 1, 2015
Oakville, Washington

In this afternoon farm walk sponsored by Tilth Producers of Washington, visit Let Us Farm to learn about integrating cover cropping with a diversified, certified-organic vegetable production system. There will also be a hands-on learning opportunity with soil-blocking.

In: Western SARE Region


Permalink Integrated Weed Management

June 2, 2015
Lexington, Kentucky

This Organic Association of Kentucky field day takes place at the University of Kentucky Horticulture Research Farm, led by Mark Williams and Tiffany Thompson of the UK Department of Horticulture. Topics will include how to optimize each step of production to create an integrated weed control system, and the development and use of a range of scale-appropriate cultivating tools, from hand tools to tractor-driven cultivators.

In: Southern SARE Region


Permalink Mitigating Soil Disturbance in Organic Systems

June 2, 2015

In the Understanding Organic Agriculture series, this free, one-hour webinar is presented by USDA NRCS Science and Technology. The presenter will discuss production practices that can offset the negative impacts of tillage in organic systems including the use of cover crops, compost, and other additions of organic matter. In an attempt to quantify the mitigation impact, this webinar will use RUSLE2 as a measure. A case study will be used to illustrate some of the presented principles.

In: Online


Permalink USDA Organic and Local Food in New York

June 2, 2015
Chester, New York

Join the U.S. Department of Agriculture and local service providers for a meet-and-greet with New York farm producers and food processors. Get resources to grow and market high-quality organic agricultural products, including conservation incentives, crop insurance, microloans and grants. Connect with buyers, field agents, and more.

In: Northeast SARE Region


Permalink Advanced Postharvest Handling for Enhanced Shelf Life

June 2, 2015
Winston-Salem, North Carolina

To assist growers in developing skills that will provide a competitive advantage within the fresh produce market, North Carolina Growing Together will offer a series of Postharvest Handling Workshops, in collaboration with NC State University Cooperative Extension. Participants will learn approaches and technologies to maintain product quality and extend shelf-life, limiting postharvest disorders and loss of sales. Geared toward producers selling into wholesale markets, as well as Extension Agents who are assisting growers with wholesale market expansion, this full-day, hands-on workshop will offer a variety of tools to assist growers in meeting US Grade #1 Standards.

In: Southern SARE Region


Permalink Pastured Poultry Research Tour

June 3, 2015
Wooster, Ohio

Muddy Fork Farm, in collaboration with the Ohio State University, will demonstrate a pastured poultry project using small moveable shelters and a novel feed ingredient. This project was funded by a U.S. Department of Agriculture Organic Research Extension Initiative (OREI) grant, and explored a whole farm approach to incorporating pasture-raised organic poultry and the cereal grain naked oats into a multi-year organic rotation. This event is sponsored by OEFFA and is part of the 2015 Ohio Sustainable Farm Tour and Workshop series.

In: North Central SARE Region


Permalink Women Caring for the Land

June 3, 2015
Verona, Wisconsin

These free workshops support women landowners in learning about land conservation and connecting with various state agencies for program and local resource information. Women landowners who attend this meeting will learn to assess and improve the health of their soils through cover crops, no-till and strip-till, and other conservation practices. The meeting includes a bus tour of area conservation practices

In: North Central SARE Region


Permalink Strolling of the Heifers

June 3-7, 2015
Brattleboro, Vermont

This multifaceted event celebrates local food systems. It includes the fifth annual Strolling of the Heifers Slow Living Summit, June 3-5, focused on farms, food, and food systems. Subtitled “Food, Mindfully,” the Summit will explore “the journey of food”, with topics including nourishment and wellness, food entrepreneurship, food systems, food justice, and food policy. The Strolling of the Heifers parade and Slow Living Expo are on June 6, and the Farmers Breakfast and Tour de Heifer bike rides are June 7.

In: Northeast SARE Region


Permalink Prairie on Farms Demonstration Workshop

June 2 or 4, 2015
Dysart or Nashua, Iowa

Discover how prairie installation improves water quality, soil health, and pollinator habitat in addition to personal enjoyment in the field. Technical Service Providers, land managers/producers, Soil & Water Conservation District staff, seed company representatives, decision makers, and anyone interested in learning more about the benefits of prairie on working farms are highly encouraged to attend. Practical uses of prairie for water quality improvement efforts and pollinator habitat, site assessment and preparation, and tips to determine an appropriate location for prairie plantings on working farms will be discussed. The event also offers a side-by-side comparison of three prairie seed mixes planted in mid-spring.

In: North Central SARE Region


Permalink Blueberry/Small Fruit Workshop and Field Day

June 4, 2015
Maiden Rock, Wisconsin

University of Wisconsin Extension and North Central Region SARE present this event at Rush River Produce Farm. Presenters will address cultivars, soil nutrients, disease and insect management, and pollinator habitat. There will also be a field walk with UW Extension specialists.

In: North Central SARE Region


Permalink Farm to Fork

June 5-7, 2015
Durham, North Carolina

Join in a weekend celebrating sustainable farming, the bounty of local agriculture, and the relationships that continue to bloom in the food community between farms, restaurants, fishermen, beverage producers, and consumers. The weekend features a local-food dinner with five acclaimed North Carolina chefs, presentations on the seafood industry, and the Farm to Fork Picnic more than two dozen chefs and farms paired together and another two dozen food artisans featured.

In: Southern SARE Region


Permalink Rodale Institute Annual Tour for Pennsylvania Women in Agriculture Network

June 5, 2015
Kutztown, Pennsylvania

Rodale Institute will host its Annual Tour for the Pennsylvania Women's Agricultural Network (PA-WAgN). The event is open to all women (and their families) interested in learning more about the work of the Institute and the many practical applications of its research in organic food production. The Rodale team will conduct a wagon tour of the 333‐acre Rodale Institute farm with planned stops at each project site for presentations and discussions.

In: Northeast SARE Region


Permalink Spring Elderberry Workshop, Farm Tour & Plant Sale

June 6, 2015
Marine on St. Croix, Minnesota

Minnesota Elderberry Cooperative free workshop on growing elderberry and farm tour of some beautifully productive berry fields. Presentation topics to include elderberry planting - land management strategies, soil health, weed control, irrigation, overview of elderberry cultivation, varieties, harvesting and market potential. Events will include a walking field tour education and hands-on experience. Pre-registration is strongly encouraged.

In: North Central SARE Region


Permalink Upstate Farm Tour

June 6-7, 2015
Anderson, Oconee, Pickens, Greenville, Laurens, Greenwood and Spartanburg counties, North Carolina

In this 9th annual tour presented by Carolina Farm Stewardship Association, visit local, sustainable farms and discover the delicious meat, dairy, fruits, and veggies produced in upstate North Carolina. The tour is self-guided. Choose participating farms to visit over the course of two afternoons.

In: Southern SARE Region


Permalink HMI Open Gate Learning Day: Triple Cross Farm

June 6, 2015
Fruitvale, Texas

The Open Gate Learning Series from Holistic Management International consists of farm/ranch days held on the land and hosted by an experienced Holistic Management practitioner. Attendees have the opportunity to identify common challenges and discuss creative solutions in a friendly atmosphere. The goal of the day is to create a forum for sharing practices, ideas, advice, and solutions. This event at Triple Cross Farm is titled "Improving Water and Nutritional Cycles for Land, Animal and Human Health."

In: Southern SARE Region


Permalink Planning for a Permaculture Swale System on Pasture

June 6, 2015
Maxwell, Iowa

Bruce Carney will walk participants in this Practical Farmers of Iowa field day through the swale-design process, and discuss his future plans to incorporate fruit and nut trees. Luke Gran, forester and owner of Prudenterra, will be there to answer questions related to planting diverse perennials, and will walk participants through the Web Soil Survey, demonstrating how soils determine species selection. Paul Miller, a local NRCS district conservationist, will speak about cost-share opportunities for these conservation practices.

In: North Central SARE Region


Permalink Ride to Farm

June 6, 2015
Barneveld, Wisconsin

This bike ride through the rolling hills of Iowa County starts and finishes at Botham Vineyards. Riders will enjoy food and camaraderie at farm rest stops. Ride to Farm is a fundraiser for the Wisconsin School for Beginning Dairy and Livestock Farmers.

In: North Central SARE Region


Permalink Spring Native Pollinator Workshop

June 6, 2015
Poteau, Oklahoma

The workshop will include general information about native pollinators and habitat as well as information specific to ecoregions in Oklahoma. Topics will include polllinators and pollinator plants, how to incorporate pollinator habitat into a home landscape, garden, ranch, or farm, and beneficial insects. Participants will also get outside and see pollinators and habitat on the Kerr Ranch, horticulture farm, and office landscape.

In: Southern SARE Region


Permalink Mother Earth News Fair

June 6-7, 2015
Albany, Oregon

The Mother Earth News Fair is a fun-filled, family-oriented sustainable lifestyle event featuring practical, hands-on demos and workshops. More than 150 practical, hands-on demonstrations and workshops are offered, along with sustainable lifestyle products and services from hundreds of regional and national vendors.

In: Western SARE Region


Permalink Lamb Production and Wholesale Marketing

June 7, 2015
Williams, Iowa

This Practical Farmers of Iowa field day visits Three Sisters Farm, where Ortrude Dial has 400 ewes and 330 acres of row crops. Ortrude will discuss her future plans regarding non-GMO certification and the ability to sell to different markets, such as Whole Foods. Mark Tjernagel, a lamb buyer, will speak on lamb supply and demand for nationwide markets. The discussion will include pasture management, organic row crops, cover crops, small grain production and conservation practices Ortrude has incorporated.

In: North Central SARE Region


Permalink Postharvest Handling Workshop

June 8, 2015
Lawrence, Kansas

This evening workshop is part of the Growing Growers monthly workshop series.

In: North Central SARE Region


Permalink Building Soil Tilth: Grazing Sheep on Cover Crop

June 8, 2015
Pullman, Washington

Join Tilth Producers of Washington for an afternoon Farm Walk at Zakarison Partnership on the Palouse. Learn from these experienced farmers and WSU researchers about building soil fertility through grazing sheep on cover crops in a dryland system.

In: Western SARE Region


Permalink Growing Watermelons Successfully in "SEMAP Territory"

June 8, 2015
Plympton, Massachusetts

For Southeast Massachusetts Agricultural Partnership's second Twilight Workshop of the season, visit Colchester Neighborhood Farm. Maryann Martinez will share her knowledge about growing watermelons and other melon varieties in New England. This workshop will talk about the best varieties, when to start your seeds, field selection and prep, keeping the pests and critters away, when to put them out in the field, irrigation, and more.

In: Northeast SARE Region


Permalink Grassland Birds and Pastures

June 9, 2015
Hickory Corners Michigan

The Pasture Dairy Center at Kellogg Biological Station offers a wagon tour of the pastures. Learn about the birds of Michigan's agricultural landscapes and about agricultural practices that conserve grassland birds. Talk with Pasture Dairy staff about robotic milking machines and sustainable dairy practices.

In: North Central SARE Region


Permalink Improving Soil Health in Orchards, Vineyards, and Groves

June 9, 2015

This free, one-hour webinar is presented by USDA NRCS Science and Technology at 2:00 pm Eastern. Participants in this webinar will learn how the soil-health principles of minimizing soil disturbance, increasing diversity, keeping living roots growing throughout the year, and maintaining residue cover can be applied in orchards, vineyards, and groves to improve soil health, increase productivity, and minimize environmental impacts.

In: Online


Permalink Heirs' Property and Sustainable Forestry Forum

June 9, 2015
Jackson, Mississippi

USDA, the Foundation for the Mid-South, the Center on Community Philanthropy, and project partners invite the public to a presentation by the Center for Heirs' Property Preservation about the Sustainable Forestry and African American Land Retention Project. The day-long forum will include presentations from USDA about why heirs' property and forestry are a priority, highlights on the practice and outcomes of sustainable forestry and land retention pilots, and discussion on work on heirs' property and forestry in Mississippi. To register, email

In: Southern SARE Region


Permalink Grazing 102

June 9-10, 2015
Dubois, Indiana

Purdue Extension presents Grazing 102, a program designed to help producers understand important concepts needed to make a management-intensive grazing program work for their own operations. Presentations will cover forage, fencing, and watering. There will also be hands-on activities, pasture walks, and field tours.

In: North Central SARE Region


Permalink Should Crop Insurance Be Part of Your Farm Risk Management Plan?

June 10, 2015

Join ASAP, along with the Rural Advancement Foundation International (RAFI), North Carolina Cooperative Extension, and Farm Service Agency (FSA) for a series of online workshops designed to help you manage risk for your farm. This workshop will be examining the newly created Whole Farm Revenue Protection policy, new organic crop price elections for organically produced crops, and new Non-insured Disaster Assistance Program (NAP) buy-up options.

In: Online


Permalink Organic Apple Production: Managing Productivity, Insects, Disease and Weeds

June 10, 2015
Geneva, New York

At this NOFA-NY field day, join Entomologist Arthur Agnello, Horticulturists Terence Robinson and Susan Brown, and Plant Pathologist Kerik Cox for a workshop at New York State’s Agricultural Experiment Station, Loomis Farm, where they will discuss organic orchard practices informed by their ongoing research. Growth and productivity will be discussed, including new and upcoming disease-resistant varieties, rootstocks, training systems, pruning, weed control options, and nitrogen fertilization. Basic and advanced seasonal management approaches to insect control will be shared such as the use of entomopathogenic nematodes for biological control of plum curculio, and predatory mite seeding for the control of European red mite. The group will also go over organic fire blight management techniques and share results from last year’s summer disease trials.

In: Northeast SARE Region


Permalink Montana Organic Association Farm Tour: Alger Ranch

June 10, 2015
Stanford, Montana

The Alger Ranch is 100% Certified Organic. Jess Alger grows, uses and sells lentils, Kamut®, winter wheat, peas, barley, Sainfoin and alfalfa as well as grass-fed cattle. Researchers Dr. Perry Miller, MSU Agronomist, Dr. Pat Hatfield, MSU Livestock Specialist, and Dr. Fabian Menalled, MSU Weed Specialist will also be presenting research findings and observations during the tour. Jess and the MSU researchers will share information on weed management that is working well and will share the results of the use of vinegar to control Bindweed, White-top and Canada Thistle. The Alger Farm Tour is free and open to the public and lunch will be provided.

In: Western SARE Region




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