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August 2015

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Permalink Cornell Soil Health Train the Trainer Workshop

August 5, 2015
Ithaca, New York

This intensive training workshop focuses on measuring and improving soil health through holistic, adaptive, and data-driven soil management. The target audience is professionals working with agricultural or urban soil management issues. This workshop will include a mix of in-depth classroom training, hands-on field and laboratory experiences, and opportunities to work with national and international colleagues. There will be an optional field trip to discuss soil health practices, field assessment of soil health status, and appropriate management options. Participants will learn about soil health principles, analysis, reporting, interpretation, and management from experts.

In: Northeast SARE Region


Permalink Retail Farm Market School: Rohrbach's Farm Market

August 5, 2015
Catawissa, Pennsylvania

Enhance your retail farm marketing skills with this free at-market workshop on a diverse, multi-generation farm. This evening gathering will be focused on retail marketing and agritourism activities of this diverse, multi-generation farm. Conversations will center on meeting the ever-changing demands of customers, as well as common methods of pricing and price strategies.

In: Northeast SARE Region


Permalink HMI Open Gate Learning Day: Stigge & Sons Ag Day

August 5, 2015
Washington, Kansas

The Open Gate Learning Series from Holistic Management International consists of farm/ranch days held on the land and hosted by an experienced Holistic Management practitioner. Attendees have the opportunity to identify common challenges and discuss creative solutions in a friendly atmosphere. The goal of the day is to create a forum for sharing practices, ideas, advice, and solutions. This event focuses on Integrating Livestock & Cover Cropping for Profit.

In: North Central SARE Region


Permalink Organic Dairy Farm Tour

August 5, 2015
Hillsboro, Ohio

This event is sponsored by OEFFA and is part of the 2015 Ohio Sustainable Farm Tour and Workshop series. Join Landis Weaver and tour co-sponsor the Ohio Forage and Grasslands Council for a pasture walk and tour, filled with spirited conversation about the finer points of organic, grass-based dairying.

In: North Central SARE Region


Permalink Introduction to Organic Vegetable Production

August 6, 2015
Zionsville, Pennsylvania

This evening class is on Plant Disease Scouting, ID, and Management. The event will include a farm tour, effective organic disease management at Good Work Farm, a hands-on scouting and disease identification exercise, and an exercise on identifying effective controls.

In: Northeast SARE Region


Permalink Fall Farm Boosting: Integrating Season Extension and Overwintering Practices for Better Farm Performance

August 6, 2015
Dryden, New York

At this NOFA-NY Field Day, take a detailed tour of the newly constructed season extension infrastructure (a heated greenhouse, two movable tunnels, and one stationary tunnel) at the Tompkins Cortland Community College Farm. Experienced farmer and college farm manager Todd McLane will share his decision-making process for building each structure and how the farm plans to integrate each technology into the overall farm business model. Learn how to make decisions about season extension methods that work for your farm, and how those decisions might affect your farm's finances.

In: Northeast SARE Region


Permalink Bradford Research Center Organic Field Day

August 6, 2015
Columbia, Missouri

The annual Organic Field Day is designed for organic and small-scale farmers. This free event will feature five different tours at Bradford Research Center, addressing topics such as pollinators, weed control, fish farming, composting, and organic vegetable research.

In: North Central SARE Region


Permalink PASA's 2015 Soil Health Summer Conference

August 6-7, 2015
Centre Hall, Pennsylvania

This two-day in-depth learning experience will dive into practical and effective practices to build and maintain soil health on your farm. Lead speaker Gary Zimmer of Midwestern BioAg brings extensive knowledge on biological farming, and will share practical methods to work with nature--feeding soil life, balancing soil minerals and tilling soils with a purpose. Through a combination of classroom style presentations and on-farm experiences led by a team of speakers, attendees will gain a deep insight into soil function and management strategies for any farm.

In: Northeast SARE Region


Permalink Manure as a Solid Waste and Clean Air Issues in Animal Agriculture Webinar

August 6, 2015

Dr. Shannon Ferrell, associate professor of agricultural economics, Department of Agricultural Economics, Oklahoma State University, will discuss the implications of the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) and Clean Air Act (CAA) on animal agriculture, recent litigation, and other legal issues. This webinar is open to livestock producers, Extension educators, agricultural service professionals, and anyone else interested in learning more about the potential impacts of RCRA and the CAA on livestock operations. The one-hour webinar is free to attend and begins at noon Eastern Time.

In: Online


Permalink Irrigation and Water Efficiency Workshop

August 7, 2015
Valley Center, California

Join Community Alliance for Family Farms for an irrigation/water efficiency workshop at Triple B Ranches to discuss drought, rootstocks, and dry farming wine grapes.

In: Western SARE Region


Permalink Grain and Alfalfa Production Farm Tour

August 7, 2015
Lindsey, Ohio

This event is sponsored by OEFFA and is part of the 2015 Ohio Sustainable Farm Tour and Workshop series. On the tour of Turnow Ventures, attendees will see a corn, soybean, wheat, black bean rotation; test plots studying various weed control cultivation methods, and soil-fertility approaches utilizing soil-balancing techniques.

In: North Central SARE Region


Permalink FarmFest

August 7-8, 2015
Centre Hall, Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Certified Organic presents its 4th annual FarmFest, a free event with speakers, local food market, family activities, entertainment, and more.

In: Northeast SARE Region


Permalink VegScout School

August 8, 2015
Minneapolis, Minnesota

This third session of VegScout School offered by Women's Environmental Institute focuses on Plant Disease Identification & Management. Workshops will have a lecture component and in-class assignments using live and photo samples to ID and will involve using dissecting scopes or hand lens to view distinct diagnostic features of pests, followed by hands-on and in-field activities to test knowledge and problem solve.

In: North Central SARE Region


Permalink Post-Harvest Handling

August 8, 2015
Chatham, Michigan

This afternoon workshop is part of the North Farm Extension Workshop Series. Learn about techniques, tools, and systems that will help you maximize the salable portion of your harvested crop while maintaining a level of efficiency and safety.

In: North Central SARE Region


Permalink Mother Earth News Fair

August 8-9, 2015
West Bend, Wisconsin

These fun-filled, sustainable-lifestyle fairs deliver practical, hands-on training and experience taught by leading experts in renewable energy, organic gardening, sustainable agriculture, green home building and more. Speakers for this fair include Will Allen, Harriet Behar, Gianaclis Caldwell, Jean-Martin Fortier, and Joel Salatin.

In: North Central SARE Region


Permalink Student Organic Seed Symposium

August 9-12, 2015
Madison, Wisconsin

The symposium will provide an environment that facilitates the continued network established in the previous years, which has led to new research initiatives and post-graduate career opportunities in the organic seed sector. It will also foster the free exchange of ideas, knowledge, and research surrounding organic seed breeding, production, and ethics. The conference theme, "Growing the Organic Seed Spectrum, a Community Approach," will be explored through lectures from invited organic community experts and field trips showcasing the Midwest's organic seed spectrum.

In: North Central SARE Region


Permalink Growing Cut Flowers for Market

August 10 and 17, 2015
Pittsboro, North Carolina

The Chatham County Center of North Carolina Cooperative Extension will offer a two-part workshop on Growing Cut Flowers for Market. The August 10 workshop will be a full day of presentations and the August 17 workshop will take place at Perry-winkle Farm in northern Chatham County. This is a very unique and rare opportunity to learn from two very successful cut flower growers.

In: Southern SARE Region


Permalink Iowa State University Extension and Outreach 2015 Fruit and Vegetable Field Day

August 10, 2015
Ames, Iowa

Commercial production topics and practices will be featured at this afternoon event at ISU Horticulture Research Station. This year's field day will showcase small-scale fruit and vegetable production systems, cropping practices, research projects, and tools and equipment needed. The field day is organized in partnership with Practical Farmers of Iowa, Iowa Fruit and Vegetable Growers Association and the Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture.

In: North Central SARE Region


Permalink Farm Walk: Washington's First Certified Organic Cranberry Farm

August 10, 2015
Long Beach, Washington

At this afternoon farm walk presented by Tilth Producers of Washington, visit Starvation Alley Farms. Washington’s first certified organic cranberry farm will share their passion for growing cranberries and creating in-house, value-added products.

In: Western SARE Region


Permalink Growing Growers Field Day

August 10, 2015
Olathe, Kansas

This evening event presented by Growing Growers will include a field day and horticultural research update.

In: North Central SARE Region


Permalink NCSU Vermiculture Conference

August 10-11, 2015
Raleigh, North Carolina

This event provides the tools you need to start or expand an earthworm or vermicompost production operation. Learn about the latest research on the effects of vermicompost and extracts (tea) on plant growth and disease suppression. Discover how to effectively market earthworms and vermicompost, and the different technologies being utilized. At this conference there will be ample opportunities to get answers to your questions from industry experts and other growers.

In: Southern SARE Region


Permalink Northern Pear Cultivars, Rootstocks, and Orchard Floor Management

August 11, 2015
Decorah, Iowa

This Practical Farmers of Iowa evening field day will feature an orchard walk looking at and discussing the pear cultivars and rootstocks growing at Sliwa Meadow Farm. The Sliwas will discuss management practices mimicking forest-edge ecology used to bolster the health and productivity of fruit trees.

In: North Central SARE Region


Permalink Fertility Improvements and Organic Transition

August 11, 2015
St. Albans, Vermont

Join NOFA-Vermont at Holyoke Farm, run by John & Heather Brigham, to see the progress of management and infrastructure investments such as a fertility practices, pasture improvements, and an underground manure pipe. Hear about the Brigham’s lessons learned from their farm's transition to organic. There will also be an opportunity for interested farmers to have questions answered by regional milk buyers and VOF certification staff.

In: Northeast SARE Region


Permalink Organic Dairy Day

August 11, 2015
Morris, Minnesota

The University of Minnesota West Central Research and Outreach Center’s organic dairy day will feature Organic Valley's Mark Kopecky and his seminar on soil fertilty in dairy pastures and interpreting soil analysis. Updates of current research on organic projects at the West Central ROC will also be included. Field tours and a pasture walk will feature grazing and species selection, as well as a stockmanship demonstration.

In: North Central SARE Region


Permalink Conservation in Action Tour

August 11-12, 2015
Red Wing, Minnesota

See how innovation, decades of commitment to our natural resources, and collaboration combine to yield some of America’s most productive conservation partnerships. Join CTIC and partners for an up-close look at innovative conservation partnerships and practices on a wide range of crops and farms. During the tour, you’ll meet a wide range of farmers and their partners committed to conservation agriculture. Every stop is a chance to hear new voices and gain new insight on conservation.

In: North Central SARE Region


Permalink NOFA Vermont Farmer Olympics

August 12, 2015
Bolton, Vermont

Teams from all over Vermont are invited to come together to compete in a wide range of events designed to challenge farmers' field skills, take a mid-season break, and enjoy some great food and refreshments along with some healthy competition. Farmers will show off their finely-honed skills in events ranging from physical to cerebral to plain ridiculous, competing in events like"Chicken Tractor Pull," "Rock Hump," "Plumbing Puzzle," "Chuckin' Eggs," and the "Deer Fence Limbo." Online registration is available.

In: Northeast SARE Region


Permalink Wisconsin Edge-of-Field Monitoring Experience: Perspectives and Lessons Learned

August 12, 2015

This webinar is presented by the USDA NRCS Central National Technology Support Center. Participants will learn how field conditions and the timing of field-management activities affect the quantity and quality of runoff from agricultural fields. The presenters will share their experiences from more than a decade of small-scale field-edge monitoring in Wisconsin and neighboring states.

In: Online


Permalink Ideas Into Action Workshops

August 12 or 13, 2015
Colby or Dodge City, Kansas

Organized by the Kansas Rural Center, this free, non-partisan workshop aims to inspire and activate public action around issues that matter to the Kansans who attend. Each workshop will feature presentations and an opportunity to dialogue with guest speakers working on the frontlines of positive change, for the good of the Kansas food system. After a wholesome lunch, several concurrent sessions will provide participants with strategic advocacy tools and tactics for raising awareness and creating change around the issues that matter to them.

In: North Central SARE Region


Permalink Sustainable AG Small Grains Production Field Day

August 13, 2015
The Rock, Georgia

University of Georgia Extension presents a crop production field day focused on small acreage production of corn, soybeans and grain sorghum at Trice Farm. Attendees at the morning field day will see various planting and fertilization strategies for each crop, results of a deer repellent experiment, and a new tool from UGA Soil Test Lab to predict cover crop nitrogen availability. There will also be an update from Coyote Creek on their efforts to establish a buying point for organic small grains.

In: Southern SARE Region


Permalink Noninsured Crop Disaster Assistance Program (NAP) Workshops

August 4, 6, or 13, 2015
Woodland, Santa Rosa, or Willows, California

These workshops will assist producers in understanding available buy-up options and will provide an overview of the use of a web-based decision tool to determine NAP crop eligibility and estimate NAP fees, premiums, and payments.

In: Western SARE Region




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