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September 2017

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Permalink Iowa Greenhorn Grazing Workshop

September 26, 2017
Winterset, Iowa

This workshop is in the five-part Greenhorn Grazing series. The sessions include workshop and field segments. This series covers concepts relevant to all producers of grass-based livestock with topics ranging from the importance of managing forage, soil fertility, and water and fencing systems, to forage species selection, legal fencing and lease issues, and winter feeding plans.

In: North Central SARE Region


Permalink Midwest Mechanical Weed Control Field Day

September 26, 2017
Holt, Michigan

From finger weeders to flex-tines to Allis G's and beyond, come to this full-day event at MSU Horticulture farm to learn the principles and tools for precise mechanical weed control from farmers and researchers. New weeding machines are recently available from Europe and many types and models of mechanical weeders will be on display and demonstrated in the field - old and new, American and European. You will hear from farmers using these tools, learn about cultivation techniques in Europe, see tools demonstrated, and enjoy lunch and time to speak with all the growers in attendance. Weeding machinery manufacturers will be displaying their wares as well. Bring your favorite weeding machine to show others if you wish.

In: North Central SARE Region


Permalink Central Florida Agri-Tourism Conference

September 26-27, 2017
Bartow, Florida

Join UF/IFAS Polk County Extension Service for a regional agritourism conference, including informational presentations and farm tours. This two-day event is for farmers considering or already pursuing agritourism, policy-makers, and businesses interested in developing cooperative efforts with agritourism operators.

In: Southern SARE Region


Permalink American Goat Federation Webinar Series

September 5, 12, 19, and 26, 2017

The American Goat Federation is hosting an evening webinar series in September. The first webinar will give a brief history and overview of the current state of the goat industry. The speaker is Dr. Reid Redden, Extension Sheep & Goat Specialist for Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service. To participate go to at 7-8 p.m. EST.
When prompted for meeting number, enter 649 382 652
When prompted for password, enter Goat1

In: Online


Permalink Soil Health Bootcamp

September 27, 2017
Fort Scott, Kansas

Kansas SARE and K-State Research and Extension present this training that includes presentations on cover crops, soil arthropods, and soil texture, followed by a tour of a local fruit/veg farm, including discussions of compaction and soil structure.

In: North Central SARE Region


Permalink Purdue's Beginning Farmer and Rancher Tour: Full Hand Farm

September 27, 2017
Noblesville, Indiana

As part of Purdue's Indiana Beginning Farmers program, Purdue Extension offers tours across the state that offer beginning farmers the opportunity to learn from experts and to network with fellow farmers at a variety of farming operations. This event will visit a diverse vegetable farm. The tour will include information on the use of high tunnels in vegetable production.

In: North Central SARE Region


Permalink Kentucky Grazing School

September 27-28, 2017
Versailles, Kentucky

This two-day event includes presentations on pasture and animal health and fencing, as well as case studies and field exercises on setting up a grazing plan.

In: Southern SARE Region


Permalink Hybrid, F1, Double Cross, and Open-pollinated Corn: What Does it All Mean?

September 27, 2017

Join eOrganic for a webinar about different types of corn: Hybrid, F1, Double Cross, and Open-pollinated Corn: What Does it All Mean? The intended audience is anybody with an interest in different types of corn varieties and their relative merits. In the webinar, corn breeders Margaret Smith of Cornell University and Richard Pratt of New Mexico State University will explain what different types of corn varieties are, how uniform or variable each type is, and highlight the relative advantages and disadvantages of the different variety types. Advance registration is required for the free, one-hour webinar.

In: Online


Permalink Farm Smarter Not Harder: Harvest Efficiency for Carrot & Beet Crops

September 27, 2017
Jericho Center, Vermont

Learn about the work that NOFA-VT is doing on cost of production for vegetable growers. This workshop will discuss step by step methods for determining cost of production for any crop, so growers can focus on their most lucrative crops and make improvements to increase profitability. Participants will tour Jericho Settlers Farm with consultant Richard Wiswall, taking a look at the equipment they use and how they maximize efficiency harvesting these root crops. Learn tricks and techniques to improve yield before the root crop harvest kicks into gear.

In: Northeast SARE Region


Permalink The Grassfed Exchange

September 27-29, 2017
Albany, New York

The Grassfed Exchange Conference is a gathering of regenerative ranchers, dairymen, and sustainable food supporters from across the world who come together to network and exchange ideas. The event helps producers understand the possibility of managing and finishing cattle correctly on grass and producing the best quality beef and dairy products that ensure consistency of quality within the industry. In addition, the conference educates consumers on the health benefits of grassfed beef, not only as it pertains to our own health, but also on the positive impact grassfed beef production has on the health of our planet.

In: Northeast SARE Region


Permalink Innovating for Viability--Land and Water Tour of the Lower Arkansas Basin

September 27, 2017
Boone, Colorado

The Colorado Foundation for Water Education, National Young Farmers Coalition, Colorado Agriculture Water Alliance, and the Rocky Mountain Farmers Union are partnering to offer this one-day bus tour focused on innovative solutions for agricultural viability. Participants will be travelling together to multiple farms between Avondale and Rocky Ford, Colorado. Along the way participants will hear from farmers and speakers and visit operations focused on irrigation efficiency, soil health, adaptation for climate change, alternative transfer methods, water quality, farmland succession planning, and more. Participants will enjoy a local meal during the tour and walk away with a stronger understanding of the local nexus between water and the agriculture industry.

In: Western SARE Region


Permalink PASA's 3rd Annual Soil Health Conference

September 28, 2017
Loysville, Pennsylvania

This day-long farmer-to-farmer exchange event is held at Spiral Path Farm. Farmers Mike and Will Brownback will detail the practices and systems they have pioneered over decades on their 300 acre diversified certified organic vegetable farm in the hills of central Pennsylvania. Participants will learn about the Spiral Path approach to nurturing soil microbial communities for better plant health, explore their aggressive and creative cover cropping schedules, and hear tips for judiciously using tillage and cultivation in an organic crop rotation. The day's agenda features presentations, networking with sponsors, and in-field stations.

In: Northeast SARE Region


Permalink Embracing Change in Organic Dairy: 17th Annual NODPA Field Days

September 28-29, 2017
Truxton, New York

Northeast Organic Dairy Producers Alliance will meet for two days of farm tours, educational workshops, and plenty of time to meet with fellow farmers, educators, and organic dairy industry businesses. The event will be about embracing change in Organic Dairy and preparing for it. The 17th Annual NODPA Field Days program will spotlight education and strategies so organic dairy farm families will be well positioned to embrace coming challenges.

In: Northeast SARE Region


Permalink Conservation Biological Control Short Course

September 28, 2017
Kaysville, Utah

Learn about supporting beneficial insects that provide pest control in this full-day short course. Conservation biological control is a science-based pest management strategy that seeks to integrate beneficial insects back into cropping systems for natural pest control, ultimately reducing and in some cases eliminating the need for pesticides. Join Jessa Kay Cruz, Senior Pollinator Conservation Specialist for the Xerces Society, for an overview on conservation biological control and beneficial predators and parasitoids that attack insect pests. Participants will learn how common farm practices can impact beneficial insects and how to assess and create farm habitat for beneficial insects.

In: Western SARE Region


Permalink Serving Beginning Farmers in New York

September 28, 2017
Syracuse, New York

USDA Farm Service Agency (FSA) is holding a free afternoon workshop highlighting organizations and individuals that serve new and beginning farmers. Representatives from FSA, SCORE, Cornell Small Farms Program, and Farm Ops will present what their organizations provide to new and beginning farmers.

In: Northeast SARE Region


Permalink Draft Animal-Power Field Days

September 29 - October 1, 2017
Cornish, New Hampshire

This event offers intensives on forestry, cultivation, and beginner skills. Horse training and stoneboat building workshops are also offered. Workshops and presentations will cover a wide variety of topics relating to oxen, mules and horses, their care, training and use. Topics will offer plenty of inspiration for novices and experienced teamsters alike.

In: Northeast SARE Region


Permalink Forest Farming - A two-day intensive

September 29 - October 1, 2017
Swannanoa, North Carolina

This two-day training event organized by the Organic Growers School, Warren Wilson College, and the Appalachian Beginning Forest Farmer Coalition will provide an overview of forest farming from the forest floor to the shelf. It will cover the basics of growing woodland medicinals, explore the economics of these products, introduce options for third-party verification for forest grown products, and offer an opportunity for dialogue between advanced forest farmers. Sessions will offer the opportunity to experience the entire forest farming process from propagation to sustainable harvest and beyond. Participants will have a number of opportunities to have questions answered by experienced forest farmers, extension agents, forest farming researchers, and trained botanists. Two tracks are offered at this event. One is geared toward beginners and one toward those who already have a bit of forest farming knowledge and experience.

In: Southern SARE Region


Permalink Forest Farming Intensive

September 30 - October 1, 2017
Swannanoa, North Carolina

Organic Growers School has partnered with the Appalachian Beginning Forest Farming Coalition (ABFFC) to host a forest farming intensive. The intensive will cater to the interests of beginning and intermediate/advanced forest farmers alike, offering classes by experts in the field covering topics such as production, marketing, certification, and processing techniques. Topics covered will include seed handling and vegetative propagation methods, building a multi-crop budget, an advanced forest farmer roundtable, washing, drying, and storing methods of woodland medicinals, forest crop certification options, and animals in the woods.

In: Southern SARE Region


Permalink Food Sovereignty Summit

October 2-3, 2017
Green Bay, Wisconsin

First Nations Development Institute and the Oneida Nation of Wisconsin are pleased to announce the national Food Sovereignty Summit, a forum for sharing and collaboration to build healthy food systems within communities. Native farmers, ranchers, gardeners, businesses, policymakers, Tribal agriculture staff, Native non-profits working in agriculture, small producers, Tribal producers and Tribal leaders are invited to attend. Experiential learning opportunities are offered on October 4.

In: North Central SARE Region


Permalink Organic Seed Production

October 2, 2017
Chimacum, Washington

In this two-part Tilth Alliance farm walk, learn how Organic Seed Alliance and Essential Blooms are contributing to the organic seed supply. Organic Seed Alliance is non-profit that educates farmers and the agricultural community, conducts professional plant breeding and production research, and advocates on the national level for organic seed. Essential Blooms is a certified organic operation which sells wholesale quantities of unusual and unique flower varieties. Experts from WSU and High Mowing Organic Seeds will also be on hand to provide more information about trials, breeding, and the organic seed market.

In: Western SARE Region


Permalink Women – Takin' On the Stewardship Challenge

October 2-3, 2017
Fredericksburg, Texas

This conference, hosted by the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service, is an effort to reach women landowners who want to learn more about stewardship of the land. This third year of the conference will focus on the land and potential financial avenues not typically thought about, such as poultry, birding, and wildlife. The conference includes presentations and tours.

In: Southern SARE Region


Permalink Purdue's Beginning Farmer and Rancher Tour: Aficionado Farms

October 2, 2017
Elberfeld, Indiana

As part of Purdue's Indiana Beginning Farmers program, Purdue Extension offers tours across the state that offer beginning farmers the opportunity to learn from experts and to network with fellow farmers at a variety of farming operations. This event will visit Aficionado Farms, which produces organically grown produce, herbs, and flowers. Learn about their farm and Farm to School programs.

In: North Central SARE Region


Permalink Farming With Beneficial Insects for Pest Control

October 3, 2017
Pierre, South Dakota

Learn about supporting beneficial insects that provide pest control in this full-day short course. Join Thelma Heidel-Baker, Conservation Biocontrol Specialist at the Xerces Society, at this full-day workshop as she overviews conservation biological control and beneficial predators and parasitoids that attack insect pests. Participants will learn how common farm practices can impact beneficial insects and how to assess and create farm habitat for beneficial insects.

In: North Central SARE Region


Permalink Non-Ruminant Organic Livestock on Pasture

October 3, 2017

This free, one-hour webinar about conservation opportunities for producers with pigs, chickens and other livestock on pasture is part of the Understanding Organic Agriculture series presented by USDA NRCS Science and Technology. This webinar will focus on resource concerns and opportunities for conservation with non-ruminant animals on pasture. The presentation will also discuss the pasture and outdoor access requirements for producers raising these animals organically.

In: Online


Permalink Silvopasture Establishment with Pastured Pigs, Adaptive Grazing

October 4, 2017
Monticello, Wisconsin

This Savanna Institute field day takes place at Green Fire Farm. Join Jacob and nonprofit, extension, and agency personnel for a field day highlighting how a conventional row-crop operation is transitioning to multi-species pasture systems. Topics include silvopasture establishment research, cost-share opportunities, techniques to extend the grazing season, and mentorship programs.

In: North Central SARE Region


Permalink Season Extension--Stretching Tomato Season and Winter Greens

October 4, 2017
Allegany, New York

At this evening NOFA New York event held at Canticle Farm, Mark Printz will share his experiences. NOFA-NY and the Cornell Vegetable Program will discuss what they are learning through the New York Farm Viability Institute funded initiative, "Best Management Practices for Long Term Profitable High Tunnel Soil Fertility and Health."

In: Northeast SARE Region


Permalink Organic Oklahoma 2017

October 4-5, 2017
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

This event begins with a Food Safety Modernization Act workshop on October 4, where participants will receive the approved Food Safety Training that is required of certain farms by the Food Safety Modernization Act Produce Safety Rule. October 5 is the fall organic farming workshop, where presentations will address topics including soil stewardship, pest and pollinator management, organic farming experiences, and crop production and marketing.

In: Southern SARE Region


Permalink Silvopasture Showcase at Green Pastures Farm

October 4, 2017
Clark, Missouri

Join Green Pastures Farm owner Greg Judy and University of Missouri experts for this afternoon tour of silvopasture areas in different stages of establishment and learn how timber, forages and livestock are managed in an integrated system.

In: North Central SARE Region


Permalink Georgia Farm to School Summit

October 5-6, 2017
Augusta, Georgia

The Farm to School Summit connects schools, early care centers, and local farms and distributors to serve and champion healthy, local meals in cafeterias, improve student nutrition, and increase farm and gardening educational opportunities. This year's Summit welcomes farmers, teachers, early care educators and administrators, school nutrition staff, students, parents, and others interested in learning more about Georgia's farm to school movement.

In: Southern SARE Region


Permalink The Ogallala Water Coordinated Agricultural Project: Optimizing Water Use for Agriculture and Rural Communities

October 5, 2017

The Ogallala Water Coordinated Agriculture project (OWCAP) is a four-year project funded by USDA-NIFA in 2016 to support a regional, interdisciplinary research and outreach effort to water and long-term agricultural sustainability issues facing the High Plains. This free, one-hour joint Climate Learning Network/ANREP Community Science Initiative webinar presents new data from OWCAP to help address the issue of how we will respond as a region to challenges in a way that maximizes water use efficiency and perhaps even stabilizes groundwater levels.

In: Online




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