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August 2016

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Permalink On-Farm Research Farm Tour

September 16, 2016
Nova, Ohio

Focusing on long-term soil sustainability, Crumrine Farms has been in the Crumrine family for generations. They produce certified organic corn, hay, straw, winter barley, food and feed grade roasted soybeans, oats, and grain sorghum on 260 acres. Learn about the on-farm research being conducted in collaboration with the Ohio State University (OSU) Organic Food and Farming Education Research (OFFER) Program on the Base Cation Saturation Rate (BCSR) method of soil balancing. OSU researchers will be on-site to discuss current observations and to demonstrate soil sample collecting techniques. Learn how your farm can participate in this on-going research.

In: North Central SARE Region


Permalink Beginning Draft Horse Farming and Driving Workshop

September 17-18, 2016
Dorena, Oregon

Workhorse Workshop's Beginning Draft Horse Workshop is designed for participants who have no, or little, experience with draft horses. The focus of the workshop is to introduce you to the craft of working with draft horses in an economical yet effective way.

In: Western SARE Region


Permalink Raising Poultry on Pasture for Food and Profit

September 17, 18, or 19, 2016
Davis, California; Bend, Oregon; or Hailey, Idaho

American Pastured Poultry Producers Association is leading a cross-country educational tour of workshops and seminars in September. Topics include an introduction to pastured poultry, advanced feeding and management, troubleshooting poultry health, and production economics and marketing.

In: Western SARE Region


Permalink Whole Farm Conservation Planning

September 19, 2016
Sunnyside, Washington

This Tilth Producers Farm Walk takes place at Heavenly Hills Harvest. During the height of the winter squash harvest, this farm will showcase how it transformed a once environmentally damaged landscape into the organically certified eco-education center it is today. Learn how the farm's numerous government, university, and non-profit partnerships helped paved the way.

In: Western SARE Region


Permalink Blueberry Pruning and Soil Amenities

September 19, 2016
Randolph Center, Vermont

This one day course from Vermont Tech will focus on the technical skills needed for successful blueberry production and crop yields. The course will include information on how to achieve the perfect pH and nutrient levels for your blueberries and will also discuss disease and pest problems. The second part of the day will focus on how to properly install blueberry bushes and pruning techniques. The pruning will be a hands-on lab using Vermont Tech’s blueberry bushes.

In: Northeast SARE Region


Permalink Grazing & Pasture Management--Class 6

September 19, 2016
Berkshire, New York

This evening class offered as part of Groundswell's Grazing and Pasture Management series visits Kingbird Farm to learn about Multi-Species Management on Pasture.

In: Northeast SARE Region


Permalink Organic Seed Production Webinar Series #4: Seed Quality, Harvesting Techniques, and Equipment

September 20, 2016

Join OSA, Multinational Exchange for Sustainable Agriculture (MESA), and other organic seed experts for the fourth of this six-webinar series on organic seed production providing training for seed growers and seed production interns throughout the 2016 growing season. The free webinars are open to the public and appropriate for farmers, interns, students, and other agricultural professionals.

In: Online


Permalink National Small Farm Conference

September 20-22, 2016
Virginia Beach, Virginia

"Creating and Sustaining Small Farmers and Ranchers" is the country's premier conference that addresses the needs, challenges, and successes of small farmers. Learn about innovative advances in research, extension, and outreach through short courses, oral and poster paper presentations, exhibits, success stories, and educational tours. This event is hosted by Virginia State University's College of Agriculture, Virginia Cooperative Extension, and the U.S. Department of Agriculture with support from Virginia Tech.

In: Southern SARE Region


Permalink Learning Journey to Massachusetts' Farms

September 21, 2016
Deerfield, Massachusetts

NOFA Vermont is coordinating a farmer-to-farmer learning exchange with two western Massachusetts, certified organic farms to learn how they are changing the way their communities eat. The tour will visit Atlas Farm, an 85-acre organic farm growing vegetables, and Red Fire Farm (Granby, MA), an 160-acre organic farm growing vegetable, fruits, and flowers. This tour is intended for beginning and seasoned direct-market farmers.

In: Northeast SARE Region


Permalink Montana Farm to School Summit 2016: Sprouting Success

September 22-23, 2016
Bozeman, Montana

Learn and share how Montana schools and programs are sprouting success through the core elements of farm to school--serving local foods, school gardens, and nutrition, agriculture, and food education. Workshops, field trips, and networking opportunities will provide inspiration and skill building. All individuals interested in farm to school programs are encouraged to attend, including school food service, teachers, school administrators, food producers, preschool and childcare providers, parents, community members, and support organizations.

In: Western SARE Region


Permalink Season Creation: Pay for Your High Tunnel in Six Months Harvesting Food Through the Winter

September 22, 2016
Akron, Ohio

Based on the successful on-farm workshops developed in partnership with Rural Action, these workshops will focus on Green Edge Gardens' season creation model. Their innovative use of high tunnel greenhouses and grow rooms ensures a year-round selection of organic seasonal vegetables, microgreens, and specialty mushrooms. Harvesting through the winter enables Green Edge Gardens to offer a successful winter community supported agriculture (CSA) program and take advantage of higher off-season prices and reduced competition. Farmers Kip and Becky Rondy and Dan Kneier will demonstrate how utilizing their practical, real world-tested season creation techniques can bring these off-season advantages to your farm, provide you with year-round cash flow, and eliminate the need for off-farm income. All attendees will receive a detailed Season Creation book, planting and harvest calendar, and folder with handouts and resources.

In: North Central SARE Region


Permalink Continuing the Organic Tradition with the Second Generation

September 22, 2016
Mohawk, New York

Join NOFA-NY at the Hardy Farm to learn more about running a diverse dairy operation that includes hogs, poultry, beef and dairy. Aaron and Sarah Hardy will lead a tour of their new beef facilities and explain how to manage your livestock organically. Aaron and Dave Hardy will share their story of building a family business that supports generational transfer, and how they have worked to create a shared management system focused on building knowledge and profitability.

In: Northeast SARE Region


Permalink Raising Poultry on Pasture for Food and Profit

September 22 or 23, 2016
Northfield, Minnesota or Eleva, Wisconsin

American Pastured Poultry Producers Association is leading a cross-country educational tour of workshops and seminars in September. Topics include an introduction to pastured poultry, advanced feeding and management, troubleshooting poultry health, and production economics and marketing.

In: North Central SARE Region


Permalink Southeast Farm to School Conference

September 23-24, 2016
Greenville, South Carolina

This year's Farm to School Conference will offer multiple workshop sessions geared specifically for teachers, early childhood educators, parents, community health professionals, and child nutrition staff. Join educators from across the southeast to strengthen existing programs and jump start new farm to school efforts in your community. This year's conference will feature workshops focused on six specialized tracks, as well as networking opportunities and state meetings. Each track will feature content for folks new to farm to school as well as those that want to improve their existing programs.

In: Southern SARE Region


Permalink Prairie Festival

September 23-25, 2016
Salina, Kansas

This festival will celebrate the 40th anniversary of The Land Institute, recognizing the organization's achievements. The event includes a look in the rearview mirror and a look ahead. Former Land Institute interns, graduate fellows and post-doctoral researchers will return. Fred Iutzi, a former Land Institute Fellow, will become president of the organization, and scientists will take the stage to talk about their research.

In: North Central SARE Region


Permalink Alternative Fruit and Nut Field Day

September 23, 2016
Mt. Vernon, Missouri

Join University of Missouri researchers, extension specialists and experienced growers to learn about alternative fruits and nuts that have economic potential for Missouri. Field day activities are free and include: educational presentations, tastings of several fruits and tours of the MU Southwest Research Center plantings and orchards.

In: North Central SARE Region


Permalink Mother Earth News Fair

September 23-25, 2016
Seven Springs, Pennsylvania

At the Mother Earth News Fair, you'll discover workshops and lectures designed to get you further down the path to independence and self-reliance. More than 150 workshops are presented by leading authorities on organic gardening, food preservation, homesteading and livestock, green building, and natural health. More than 200 regional and national exhibitors feature sustainable products and services.

In: Northeast SARE Region


Permalink Common Ground Country Fair

September 23-25, 2016
Unity, Maine

Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association presents an event like no other, that brings together people from many walks of life, all in the spirit of celebrating the rural and agricultural traditions of Maine. The event features workshops, exhibits, vendors, and hundreds of talks and demonstrations.

In: Northeast SARE Region


Permalink Greenhouse Crop Options

September 24, 2016
Olathe, Kansas

This one-day event is part of the Growing Growers Advanced Workshop Series.

In: North Central SARE Region


Permalink Packhouse Tour and Harvest Efficiency

September 25, 2016
Decorah, Iowa

This Practical Farmers of Iowa afternoon field day takes place at Patchwork Green Farm. Find out about the details of their packing facility, root cellar, and production area. Erik Sessions and Sara Peterson will share what they have learned from both their successes and mistakes.

In: North Central SARE Region


Permalink Farm and Food Leadership Conference

September 25-27, 2016
Bastrop, Texas

This unique conference focuses on the policies and regulations affecting our farms and our food. Whether you are a farmer, consumer, chef, local foods business owner, or nonprofit advocate, you will find useful information and tools to help support the growth of the local and sustainable food movement. In-depth pre-conference workshops will help farmers and producers with practical solutions: how to form a successful co-op, food safety for produce growers, and productive and profitable eco-farming. Keynote speaker is Dr. John Ikerd.

In: Southern SARE Region


Permalink Organic Seed Alliance Research Farm Field Day

September 26, 2016
Chimacum, Washington

Join Organic Seed Alliance's Washington research team for its annual field day in Chimacum, Washington. The event will kick off with a field tour to showcase projects and research, followed by a vegetable variety tasting.

In: Western SARE Region


Permalink Using NRCS's PLANTS Database in Conservation Planning

September 28, 2016

This free, one-hour webinar is presented by the USDA NRCS East National Technology Support Center. Participate to learn how the data available in the National Plant Data Team’s PLANTS database and website ( can be used in conservation planning. PLANTS is the central repository of basic plant information for NRCS, and provides data for the approximately 25,000 native and naturalized plant species in the United States and its possessions. This webinar will review how PLANTS data can be used in conservation planning, including pollinator plantings; alternative and cover crop selections, establishment and maintenance; rangeland management; managing for culturally significant plants; ecological site descriptions; invasive and noxious plant species control; and phytoremediation.

In: Online


Permalink Farm Skills Workshop: Cover Cropping

September 28, 2016
Cold Spring, New York

This free afternoon workshop at Glynwood offers an opportunity to learn about the different types of seasonally appropriate cover crops, how to fit cover crops into crop rotations, and how cover crops can support beneficial insect populations.

In: Northeast SARE Region


Permalink Using Ultrasound as a Tool in Grass-Finishing Cattle

September 28, 2016
Maxwell, Iowa

This Practical Farmers of Iowa field day is the first in a two-part series. Visit Carney Family Farms to observe grass-fed cattle two weeks before they are harvested at a local locker. Visually inspect these cattle for finish and compare observations to ultrasound data. Discussion will focus on grazing management, forage quality for grass finishing, what role cattle genetics play in grass-based production, and how ultrasound scans can help producers determine the optimal harvest window for grass-finished cattle.

In: North Central SARE Region


Permalink Pecan 101 Workshop

September 29, 2016
Ardmore, Oklahoma

This course from the Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation will cover all aspects of annual production of pecans, including fertilization and pest management.

In: Southern SARE Region


Permalink The Future of Organic Dairy Farming: Regenerate, Renew, Refresh

September 29-30, 2016
Chambersburg, Pennsylvania

The 2016 Northeast Organic Dairy Producers Association (NODPA) Field Days will focus on regenerating our soil, renewing our farms' infrastructures, and refreshing ourselves in order for our farms and families to thrive into the future. There will be workshops focused on the soil: Managing for Milk Production per Acre; renewing the farm’s infrastructure: Milking System Tune-Ups; the growing support and infrastructure for the grass-fed milk market, along with an update on the Certified Grass Fed Label, as well as news about the Dairy Grazing Apprenticeship Program in New York and Pennsylvania. Participants will hear about an OREI research project being conducted by the Rodale Institute and the University of Iowa that is Integrating Crops and Livestock to Enhance Organic Farm Stability, Safety and Resilience. And there will be critically important updates on the Animal Welfare Rule, Origin of Livestock, Organic Checkoff, and other issues relevant to the organic community.

In: Northeast SARE Region


Permalink Ginseng Field Day

September 29, 2016
West Lafayette, Indiana

Purdue Extension's Ginseng Field Day will offer an introduction to American ginseng, laws relating to ginseng harvesting and marketing, sources of seed and plants, planting site selection and preparation, planting and management options, timelines, and economic models.

In: North Central SARE Region


Permalink Beginning Farmer Tour: River Ridge Farm

September 29, 2016
Roann, Indiana

Purdue's Beginning Farmer and Rancher program is offering new and aspiring farmers an opportunity to visit 10 Indiana agribusinesses and learn from Purdue Extension educators, producers and other experts about topics ranging from organic produce to aquaponics. This event visits River Ridge Farm to learn about four-season vegetable farming, operating an on-farm store, and farm-to-school programs.

In: North Central SARE Region


Permalink Conservation Biological Control Short Course Workshop

September 30, 2016
Carson City, Nevada

The Xerces Society has developed the Conservation Biological Control Short Course, a science-based pest management strategy that seeks to integrate beneficial insects back into cropping systems. Participants will learn how common farm practices can impact beneficial insects and how to assess and create farm habitat for beneficial insects.

In: Western SARE Region




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