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April 2018

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Permalink Spring Nut Growers Meeting

April 21, 2018
Doylestown, Pennsylvania

The New York Nut Growers Association and the Pennsylvania Nut Growers Association will hold a joint spring meeting at Delaware Valley University. Anyone zealous about growing nut trees is welcome to come. There will be presentations in the morning session on the commercialization of Eastern hazelnuts, the Gleaning Project of South Central Pennsylvania, the Hundred Fruit Farm Permaculture CSA, the Downingtown nut tree plantings of John W. Hershey, urban orchards and food forests, farm succession, and government resources to help farmers with legal issues. There will be demonstrations of grafting in the greenhouse in the afternoon.

In: Northeast SARE Region


Permalink High Bionutrient Production for Small Spaces – Part II

April 21, 2018
Dorchester, Massachusetts

The Urban Farming Institute and NOFA/Mass are co-hosting this workshop exploring how the right combination of biological and regenerative farming approaches can steadily improve your crop quality--especially in urban and small garden settings.

In: Northeast SARE Region


Permalink Organic Soils Equal Healthy Soils

April 26, 2018
Morris, Connecticut

Connecticut RC&D hosts this one-day workshop featuring keynote speakers Julie Rawson and Jack Kittredge of Many Hands Farm. Topics will include carbon-friendly growing practices for improved quality and quantity of production, permaculture, composting and compost tea, building a biodiverse soil, dealing with pest pressure organically, soil preparation methods for a no-till system, creative use of interplanted and over-wintering cover crops, and intricate livestock rotations in annual vegetable and perennial fruit production.

In: Northeast SARE Region


Permalink Organic Orcharding: Grafting Fruit Trees

April 7 or 28, 2018
Unity or Bar Harbor, Maine

In this hands-on MOFGA workshop, learn to propagate and reproduce your favorite fruit tree varieties. Instructors Jennifer Ries of Whiffletree Nursery and Anne Hallee of Rising Up Farm in the Unity workshop, and C.J. Walke, MOFGA's Organic Orchard Educator, in the Bar Harbor workshop​ will explain why to graft and will demonstrate the techniques for Whip and Tongue grafting. Participants will graft trees to take home and plant.

In: Northeast SARE Region


Permalink Hudson Valley Draft Horse Association Spring Plow

April 28, 2018
Accord, New York

At the Spring Plow at Saunderskill Farm, the students can drive a wagon or plow or just ground drive. Mules, horses, and oxen are present at this free event sponsored by the Hudson Valley Draft Horse Association.

In: Northeast SARE Region


Permalink Social Media Workshop for Farmers, Farmers Market Vendors, and Managers

April 30, 2018
New Bedford, Massachusetts

Coastal Foodshed and SEMAP present an evening workshop with The Branding Edit. This workshop is designed to help farmers and farmers market vendors and managers leverage their social media accounts to grow their farm, business, and brand.

In: Northeast SARE Region


Permalink Upper Susquehanna Coalition Pasture Management Schools

May 2 or 3, 2018
Addison or Guilford, New York

These hands-on day-long pasture walks will focus on improving marginal pastures, how to plan out your rotations, early season grazing approaches, determining the best time to graze plants, fertility management, animal impact grazing techniques, weather related management strategies and in-field farmer training exercises to hone your grazier's eye. Pasture consultant Sarah Flack will be on the farms leading in-depth pasture management and monitoring skills and teaching solutions in growing more forage to lower feed costs.

In: Northeast SARE Region


Permalink Pastured Hogs

May 5, 2018
Kutztown, Pennsylvania

Rodale Institute is currently conducting research and educational outreach for farmers interested in including organic, heritage pastured pork in their farm operations. Ross Duffield, Rodale Institute Farm Manager, will discuss pasture rotations and animal management. The afternoon class is an opportunity for interested farmers to learn first-hand how to integrate a pastured hog operation into their farms.

In: Northeast SARE Region


Permalink Training for Small and Mid-Sized Tractors and Their Implements

May 5-6, 2018
Lambertville, New Jersey

NOFA New Jersey offers this weekend course taught by Shane LaBrake at North Slope Farm. This two-day, hands-on workshop demystifies tractors and empowers their users to operate and maintain their machines more safely and with greater skill and confidence. The course will cover both four-wheel tractors and two-wheel tractors and common implements. Course registration is capped at 12 participants.

In: Northeast SARE Region


Permalink Organic Farming: Principles and Practices: Crops

May 9, 2018
Unity, Maine

This one-day immersion course is designed for MOFGA apprentices but is open to any participants interested in learning the fundamental principles and practices of organic farming. The day will focus on the fundamentals of organic vegetable farming. MOFGA’s Eric Sideman, Organic Crops Specialist, and Dave Colson, Agricultural Services Director, will cover theory and best practices for organic management of soils, and cover plant families. An afternoon farm tour is included.

In: Northeast SARE Region


Permalink The Soil Health Test

May 10, 2018
Pocantico Hills, New York

This event is part of Stone Barns Center's Growing Farmers Initiative. Join Founder of Woods End Lab and the Solvita Soil Health Test, Will Brinton, as he explains the history and science behind the soil health movement, where the roots, microbes, and soil biology play just as important a role in crop and grass production as limestone and fertilizer.

In: Northeast SARE Region


Permalink Management Intensive Grazing for the Diversified Farm

May 12, 2018
Randolph, Vermont

This day-long class at Earthwise Farm & Forest will provide instruction for setting up a successful grazing system on a diversified farm, using poultry, horses, cows, sheep, goats and/or pigs. Participants will be introduced to fencing and water system designs, and movable structures for hogs, poultry, and small ruminants, and will learn how to determine daily feed needs of various types of livestock.

In: Northeast SARE Region


Permalink Slow Poultry Seminar

May 12, 2018
Emmitsburg, Maryland

This eight-hour seminar with Jim Adkins, Founder and President of SPN-USA, provides an overview and strategy for developing sustainable poultry production. Learn how to start effectively breeding, growing and marketing poultry products that are both sustainable and profitable. Registration is limited.

In: Northeast SARE Region


Permalink Learn to Manage Parasite Resistance on Your Farm

May 12, 2018
Indiana, Pennsylvania

Equine gastrointestinal parasites, and their increasing resistance to available de-wormers, are a major concern in the equine industry. Taking a whole-farm approach to managing parasites can decrease the frequency of deworming, eliminate the use of products that are no longer effective on your farm, help you learn which horses have natural resistance and which ones are "shedders," and help decrease the development of resistance to de-wormers. This program from Penn State Extension will discuss new strategies to manage parasites and reduce the use of dewormers and will share the results of a Penn State research project.

In: Northeast SARE Region


Permalink Top Grafting Fruit Trees

May 12, 2018
Thorndike, Bethel, or East Waterboro, Maine

In this day-long class offered by MOFGA simultaneously in three locations, learn to topwork new, disease-resistant, cider, dessert or heritage varieties onto your existing trees. In this workshop you will see how a professional topgrafts and will be able to try it on your own. This workshop is part of MOFGA's organic orcharding series.

In: Northeast SARE Region


Permalink Cultivate Baltimore: Soil Health & Weed Management

May 15, 2018
Baltimore, Maryland

This evening event from Future Harvest CASA is part of a workshop series that features proven, essential components for ensuring urban farm viability. Come to this hands-on, on-farm workshop to learn how to assess and improve your farm's soil and hear tips about how to reduce weed pressure with speaker Dr. Andrew Ristvey, UMD Extension.

In: Northeast SARE Region


Permalink Organic Farming: Principles and Practices: Livestock 101 – Basic Handling

May 16, 2018
Albion, Maine

Misty Brook Farm hosts this MOFGA workshop with Jacki Perkins, a long-time homesteader and MOFGA's Dairy Specialist, and Henrietta Beaufait, a licensed, large animal homeopathic veterinarian. The workshop focuses on proper handling and first aid techniques. Leave the session with the confidence to administer general first-aid and have a confident, informed decision with a veterinarian, if necessary.

In: Northeast SARE Region


Permalink Soil Health: Crop Rotations and Cover Crops

May 17, 2018
Pocantico Hills, New York

This event is part of Stone Barns Center's Growing Farmers Initiative. This workshop, taught by farm experts Jack Algiere and Jean-Paul Courtens, will walk through strategies for crop rotation and cover cropping using the Stone Barns Center and Roxbury Farm models. It will touch on strategies for developing crop rotation systems and the role of crop rotation in regenerative agriculture. It will also speak about how cover crops are used to protect soils from erosion, build soil organic matter, increase water infiltration, suppress soil-borne diseases, as well as look at the windows of opport unity for fitting cover crops into vegetable crop rotations. The outdoor components of the class will touch on suggested seeding rates and equipment for establishing and maintaining good stands of cover crops and crop rotations.

In: Northeast SARE Region


Permalink Small Ruminant Health at Crooked Fence Farm

May 19, 2018
Reisterstown, Maryland

In this morning workshop from Future Harvest CASA, gain hands-on experience and knowledge about caring for small ruminants on your farm with experienced livestock farmers at Crooked Fence Farm. Learn about basic ruminant biology, general flock upkeep, veterinary options, and get hands-on experience trimming the sheep flock's hooves.

In: Northeast SARE Region


Permalink Organic Confluences

May 21-22, 2018
Washington, DC

The Organic Confluences Summit brings together farmers, scientists, extension agents, industry members and key policy influencers to address large-scale challenges that the organic sector is facing. This day and a half conference, organized by The Organic Center, will be held in conjunction with Organic Week. The Organic Confluences Conference will address potential communication pitfalls through panels, case studies, and discussions. The long-term goals of this conference are to improve the efficacy of the agricultural extension and education system for organic, to facilitate knowledge transfer across the organic sector, and to increase the adoption of organic practices and expand organic acreage.

In: Northeast SARE Region


Permalink Pasture Walk: Optimizing Forage in the Grazing Dairy

May 22, 2018
Mansfield, Pennsylvania

PASA offers this mid-day pasture walk at Backwoods Organic Dairy. The walk will focus on forage quality in the grazing paddocks and hay fields, including identification and discussion of various grass, legume, and forb species, and what they can bring to the animals' diet and health. This is a good walk for graziers looking to optimize their pastures and gain exposure to a farm transitioning into a grass-fed management system.

In: Northeast SARE Region


Permalink Strolling of the Heifers Slow Living Summit

May 31 - June 1, 2018
Brattleboro, Vermont

The Future of Farm & Food Entrepreneurship Summit 2018 focuses on growing conscious food and agriculture businesses, giving current and aspiring entrepreneurs the tools, resources, and mentorship needed to evolve businesses, create positive change in your community, and revolutionize the future of food.

In: Northeast SARE Region


Permalink Perennial Pasture Tour at St. Brigid's Farm

May 31, 2018
Kennedyville, Maryland

Join Future Harvest CASA for an afternoon tour of St. Brigid's Farm with experienced dairy and beef farmer, Judy Gifford. St. Brigid's Farm is the second in Maryland to install a voluntary milking system. Attend this farm tour to learn about perennial pasture management and hear Judy Gifford talk about caring for her herd of cows and how she markets and sells her products.

In: Northeast SARE Region


Permalink Greenhouse Design

May 31, 2018
Pocantico Hills, New York

Join Stone Barns Farm Director Jack Algiere and Nexus Vice President of Sales and Northeast lead Jeff Warshchauer as they dive into soil-based greenhouse design during this full-day immersion course. It will begin by understanding your management goals and practices, then discuss how to work with greenhouse designers, and cover what is involved during the greenhouse construction process.

In: Northeast SARE Region


Permalink Strolling of the Heifers

June 1-3, 2018
Brattleboro, Vermont

This year's theme is "May the FARMS be With You." Events include The Strolling of the Heifers Parade, a Slow Living Expo, the local-food farmers breakfast, the Tour de Heifer cycling rides, and guided tours at area farms.

In: Northeast SARE Region


Permalink Mother Earth News Fair

June 2-3, 2018
Frederick, Maryland

With a wide range of workshops and speakers, this event offers the opportunity to interact with some of the most sought-after experts in the world of sustainability. Topics include food, health, homesteading, livestock, and renewable energy. The event is held in conjunction with Fiber Fest 2018, featuring local yarn dyers and spinners, fiber animals and products, and herding dog demonstrations.

In: Northeast SARE Region


Permalink Beginners' Hops Clinic: Management and Handling at Brookeville Beer Farm

June 6, 2018
Brookeville, Maryland

Future Harvest CASA presents this event.

In: Northeast SARE Region


Permalink Waste Systems: BioEnergy and Compost

June 7, 2018
Pocantico Hills, New York

This two-part class at the Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture will explore different techniques for waste-system management. It will begin with Dr. Serpil Guran from Rutgers as she explains how farmers can divert food and crop wastes to help power their farms with bio-digesters. The workshop will explore usable feedstocks for bio-digesters, learn from Rutgers EcoComplex, and study how farmers can participate in clean energy systems. The afternoon portion of this class will be dedicated to the Stone Barns Center compost systems with Grounds Manager Shane Hardy.

In: Northeast SARE Region


Permalink Seed Industry Overview and On-Farm Trials

June 14, 2018
Pocantico Hills, New York

Stone Barns Center for Food & Agriculture's Growing Farmers Initiative workshop series continues with this session. In this workshop, participants will gain an understanding of the organic seed industry and the critical role that farmers and gardeners play in influencing the new varieties that are commercialized. Presenters will discuss how to design and implement successful on-farm trials.

In: Northeast SARE Region


Permalink Accessing Land in Baltimore City

June 14, 2018
Baltimore, Maryland

This evening session in the Cultivate Baltimore urban farming series from Future Harvest CASA focuses on land availability. It begins with a facilitated discussion for urban farmers about land access and land-tenure challenges and opportunities. A panel discussion will follow.

In: Northeast SARE Region



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