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Permalink Can you direct me to some resources for finding financial analysis information for a value-added food processing enterprise?


You had asked about sources of financial analysis information (cash flow, breakeven, pro forma) for a value-added food processing enterprise.

As far as templates, here are some good ones. The Canadian one at is especially good as it features some sample enterprises.

Some others can be found here: (PDF/752 KB)

As far as actual financial information, naturally, that is harder to come by. At, you can find some financials on shared-use kitchens.

This project, focused on value-added dairy, collected financial and production information from existing value-added producers: (PDF/1.46 MB)

Here is some more on dairy:

Here is a study from K-State on profitability of various food and agribusiness firms: (PDF/95 KB)

The info at
may be useful.

This is actually a Finnish study entitled "How do small rural food-processing firms compete?" but I think it is useful: (PDF/2.92 MB)

For related information see the following ATTRA publications:
Agricultural Business Planning Templates and Resources
Enterprise Budgets and Production Costs for Organic Production
Keys to Success in Value-Added Agriculture



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