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Question of the Week

Permalink Can you help me find software to facilitate local organic food distribution?


Answer: There are many types of food distribution software available. I have copied information from several software companies below. You may also be interested in using the Oklahoma Food Cooperative software—it is available for free and may be what you need. Their Web site provides more information on their software.

Food Distribution Software Companies

• Entree
NECS Entree is a Food Distribution Software application for Windows that delivers both tremendous power and ease-of-use not seen in other food distributing software. With 1,500 distributors running their foodservice operation on NECS, it makes us the largest food distributing software vendor in this category. Ideal for full line distribution, meat distribution, seafood distribution, produce distribution and cheese distribution.

• foodManager
LightHouse Systems Group provides computer software and services for the food distribution industry that handles inventory, sales, pricing, credit, and production. Functions include simplified order entry, multiple query windows at the touch of a button (quick response to customer inquiries), dual unit-of-measure tracking capabilities by item (e.g. cases & pounds), full lot tracking w/ comprehensive reporting sub-system.

• TurningPoint
TurningPoint is a modular software system that streamlines information and processes across all areas of your business. With total integration of sales, inventory, purchasing, order entry, shipping, accounting, CRM, payroll and management, you can realize more profits, gain tighter control of your inventory and simplify your life. TurningPoint is an excellent option for companies who need better inventory and sales management at an affordable price.

• Produce Pro Software
Produce Pro is a uniquely customized, fully integrated resource management and accounting system, designed to support and streamline the fresh produce distribution cycle. Our strategic consulting, customized training programs, custom software development, support, and hardware integration services are unparalleled. Vendor profiling allows your staff to quickly and easily order products and supplies.
Produce Pro, Inc. Headquarters

• Blue Link Elite
Blue Link Elite is an integrated accounting, business management and inventory management software solution. Developed exclusively with Microsoft Technology, Elite delivers power and flexibility with ease of use and after-sales support. Modules include bank management, inventory control, order entry and invoicing, job costing, production control, contact management and payroll. Targeted at mid-size companies in the wholesale distribution sector with 5 - 100 employees in North America.

• Edible Software
Edible Software enables wholesale grocery, meat, produce, seafood, and general food distributors to increase their bottom line through increased efficiency and improved productivity. By streamlining sales and purchasing, and controlling inventory, quantities and costs, Edible Software provides management with the critical, timely information needed to make the right business decisions.

• Visual Produce
A software program designed to address the business needs of fresh produce Wholesalers, Distributors, Packers, Shippers, Processors, Brokers and Growers. Since 1982, Visual Produce has evolved into a premier Windows based ERP system focused exclusively on this area. We excel in addressing the unique business problems of companies involved in the production, processing and distribution of fresh produce to the marketplace.

• CSTA Financials
Aimed at small and mid-size enterprises, CSTA Financials, originally designed as a Food Distribution software, has incorporated a vast number of features that makes it excellent not only as a food distribution software, but also as an Accounting Distribution software for Consumer Products and most other products.



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