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Permalink Can you recommend an approved substitute for latex paint for the trunks of young trees interplanted in a certified organic orchard?


The following is a list of possible alternatives for you:

- Lime whitewash made from calcium carbonate. Sources include oystershell flour, dolomite (not slaked), aragonite and mined limestone.

- Kaolin Clay (Surround WP Crop Protectant), the product used to confuse codling moth from laying eggs on treated fruit. It is a clay that leaves a whitish-gray residue; maybe enough to reflect the sunlight and keep the trunk insulated.

- Plastic coils used as rabbit guards. Note that these only cover the main trunk and not the branches.

- Crepe paper tree wrap sold in garden centers and nurseries. Wrap the trees with this paper, fasten with tape to insulate the tree, and remove in the spring.



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