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Permalink What are some resources for advertising and finding sustainable agriculture jobs?

Thank you for contacting ATTRA, the National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service. There are many organizations and websites that have classified sections and list sustainable agriculture jobs. The following are just a few of the resources that may be helpful to you as you advertise or search for employment.

ATTRA's Sustainable Farming Internship and Apprenticeships list

You can use the Sustainable Agriculture Organizations and Publications list to find newsletters in which to advertise your position (or land or equipment, etc.) Most of them have classified sections. The list is found here:

Another option for those seeking jobs or wanting to post jobs. Job Listing

New Farm does have a classified section on their website here:

EcoFarm Sustainable Ag Job List -
Contact Allie Quady at

Jenny's Update, which comes out weekly with news and jobs in sustainable agriculture, email Jenny Huston;

Community Food Listserve - for subscribing, and posting guidelines, see

UC Davis Sustainable Ag listserve - you have to be subscribed to post.

Onion Grassroots Network at

HighCountry News at

Good Food Jobs at

Depending on how far you want to reach, and if you want to pay for classifieds:

In Good Tilth, Oregon Tilth's bi-monthly magazine has a great classified ad section, but it costs money:

Sustainable Ag Education Association website--could be another worthwhile resource:
(click on "job postings" at top of page)



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