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Permalink What is causing blossom drop in my tomatoes?

Answer: Blossom drop is typically associated with various stresses to the tomato plants. Wide fluctuations in temperatures—extreme highs and lows— are often the culprit. Lack of pollination can be another factor.

Growth regulators (such as Bonide products) can help remedy blossom drop, but this often leads to poor seeding and taste within the tomato. The Rutgers Extension bulletin What Causes Blossom Drop in Tomatoes? has several helpful tips on preventing blossom drop in tomatoes.

There are some varieties of tomatoes that set fruit despite non-ideal climatic conditions. The University of Alabama Extension bulletin Blossom Drop in Tomatoes discusses some of these "heat set" tomatoes.

For more information on growing tomatoes, see the ATTRA publication Organic Tomato Production, available at This publication covers tomato acreage yields, managing insects and disease, weed management, and more.



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