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Permalink What can you tell me about bramble production?


Answer: I am pleased to provide you with information regarding bramble production in Tennessee.

Please refer to the ATTRA publication titled “Organic Culture of Bramble Fruits.” This publication covers marketing, economic and general organic production information. You should also read our publication titled “Market Gardening: A Start-Up Guide.” This publication provides more detail on marketing and how to evaluate a market given your location, personality and farm goals. It also provides you with basic farm start-up information and includes profiles and an extensive list of further resources. Contact information for the North American Bramble Association is listed below. I would suggest using a supplier that is based in the southern region so that you can be assured the varieties are adapted to your region.

Also referenced below is an excerpt from a training held by the Southern Region Small Fruit consortium about different bramble varieties for Tennessee. This will help you decide which varieties will work best for your farming situation. I have also listed the contact information for the North American Bramble Association for your future reference.


The Southern Region Small Fruit Consortium
County Agent Training
; Bramble Cultivar Selection
Organic Small Fruit Training, November 6, 2005, Durham, NC

North American Bramble Growers Association. 2007. North American Raspberry and Blackberry Suppliers.

Further Resources:
North American Bramble Growers Association (NABGA)
Debby Wechsler, Executive Secretary
1138 Rock Rest Rd.
Pittsboro, NC 27312
E-mail: nabga@
Phone: 919-542-3687
Fax: 919-542-4037

This is the NABGA administrative office. Please use this address for all inquiries, including membership, newsletter submissions and advertising, etc.



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