Can you direct me to some resources for finding financial analysis information for a value-added food processing enterprise?

A.L.IowaAnswer: You had asked about sources of financial analysis information (cash flow, breakeven, pro forma) for a value-added food processing enterprise.As far as templates, here are some good ones. The Canadian one at is especially good as it features some sample enterprises.Some others can be found here: (PDF/752 KB) far as actual financial information, naturally, that is harder to come by. At, you can find some financials on shared-use kitchens. This project, focused on value-added dairy, collected financial and production information from existing value-added producers: (PDF/1.46 MB)Here is some more on dairy: is a study from K-State on profitability of various food and agribusiness firms: (PDF/95 KB)The info at be useful. This is actually a Finnish study entitled “How do small rural food-processing firms compete?” but I think it is useful: (PDF/2.92 MB)For related information see the following ATTRA publications:Agricultural Business Planning Templates and ResourcesEnterprise Budgets and Production Costs for Organic ProductionKeys to Success in Value-Added Agriculture