Can you give me information on ordering the video, “Life in the Soil”?

E.L.WisconsinAnswer: Thank you for your question on how to find the “Life in the Soil” video tape filmed by the Mokochi Okada Association. In my research I found that there is a bit of confusion about where to obtain this video and what the title is. In short, I have found the source of the video through the Mokochi Okada Association . It is available for $250, which may be a budget breaker. The contact information for the person you need to contact regarding the video, as well as other publications, is listed below.One of our former agriculture specialists, Steve Diver, has done extensive research on the topic of nature farming and had quite of bit of information to contribute. Below are some excerpts from Mr. Diver’s correspondence on the SANET and Permaculture listserves. “As a background, there are two Japan-based organizations advocating Nature Farming, each with counterpart efforts in the United States. MOA Nature Farming is tied to the Mokochi Okada Association in Japan, which in turn, is a sponsor of the World Sustainable Agriculture Association in various locations. MOA/WSAA have a video titled “Life in the Soil” which sells for $250. The “Life in the Soil” video uses root mycorrhizotron photography to capture underground images of microbial life in the soil, the root rhizosphere, and organic matter decay. These are compared to above-ground farming practices which are beneficial to soil life, such as green manuring, crop rotations, composting, proper tillage, etc. These are tractor-based farming practices used by MOA and Kyusei nature farmers.” The video is available through the National Agriculture Library. I am not sure, what, if any, fee is required for checking it out. You will most likely need to go through your university library on how to obtain it. The web page on NAL services is as follows: for MOA Nature Farming and to obtain “Life in the Soil”: Mokichi Okada Association (MOA)3510 Nuuanu Pali Dr.Honolulu, HI 96817Contact: JodyEmail: moa21@lava.netTel: 808-595-6344 ext. 22Fax: 808-595-8014 They currently do not have a web site. National Agriculture LibraryFor temporary loan: phone: 301-504-5755 (NAL) 202-720-3434 (DCRC)Reference:Diver, Steve, NCAT Agriculture Specialist. Nature Farming Correspondence. Permaculture Listserve archive. Diver, Steve, NCAT Agriculture Specialist. Nature Farming Correspondence. SANET Listserve archive.