Can you tell me something about growing okra?

S.C.Puerto RicoAnswer: Here is some basic information on okra (Abelmoschus esculentus).Okra is perfectly suited to a long, hot growing season and has few pests or diseases. When pods are kept harvested, the plant just grows taller and keeps producing more. “Clemson Spineless” is a favorite variety. “White Velvet” is a newer variety with pods that stay tender longer.Avoid dwarf okra—it was developed for short-season, northern gardens and is not a good producer in your climate. Pods of some red okras tend to be tough. Most okras are non-hybrid types. From these you will be able to save seed for next year’s crop if you allow some of your plants to mature their seed pods.Okra stalks are very tough and must be chopped up thoroughly when the season is over in order to compost well. They cannot just be plowed under.Resource:Creasy, Rosalind. 1986. The Gardener’s Handbook of Edible Plants. Sierra Club Books, San Francisco, CA. p. 178-179.