Conservation Assessment Ranking Tool (CART) : PART I ~ Overview

Part One of the ATTRA webinar series, Understanding Access to Federal Assistance for Natural Resource Conservation on Working Lands.

Farmer and ranchers will have access to billions of dollars in federal assistance through the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) to maintain and undertake critical conservation efforts on their farms and ranches that benefit us all. How is access to these resources determined? This is the first webinar of a three-part series that will explore a new tool called the Conservation Assessment Ranking Tool (CART). The CART provides an efficient ranking tool to rank applications for funding consideration. The webinar series takes place during September and October of 2020 to provide interested farmers, ranchers and others with an overview of the tool, as well as a deeper look into how it works.

This webinar is intended to give farmers and ranchers a basic understanding and familiarity with CART, including how CART can be used to evaluate their
operations for conservation assistance and funding consideration, and how they can request an assessment.

Read more about CART on Agricultural and Natural Resource Economist Jeff Schahczenski’s blog.

Blog 30. The CART Before the Horse: Understanding Access to Federal Assistance for Conservation Solutions

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