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With support from the USDA, NCAT Agriculture Specialists Marisa Alcorta and Rex Dufour have helped Spanish-speaking farmers in California's Central Valley experiment with cover crops to improve soil quality and provide habitat for beneficial insects and pollinators. This video documents Elias Cosio, an almond grower from near Modesto who has been collaborating with NCAT and NRCS as he plants the first cover crop in his orchard...

In this episode, Luke Freeman, horticulture specialist with the National Center for Appropriate Technology, talks with Hannah Hemmelgarn, education program coordinator at The Center for Agroforestry at the University of Missouri. The conversation focuses on the wide-ranging possibilities of agroforestry and how producers can determine which may work for their operation. Hannah also lists some available resources. Be sure to also check out NCAT horticultural specialist Guy Ames' publication Fruit Trees, Bushes, and Vines for Natural Growing in the Ozarks.