Cathy Svejkovsky

Publications Director

Specific Areas of Expertise: Editing, Writing, Publications, Communications, Multimedia, Website Content

Cathy Svejkovsky joined the NCAT team in 1990 and has worked on a wide variety of agriculture and energy projects since then. She has more than 30 years of experience creating, updating, and distributing high-quality publications and other information products for a variety of audiences; editing; research; and project development and oversight. She currently serves as Publications Director, with overall responsibility for production and quality of NCAT publications and other information products, including blogs and podcasts. She also has responsibility for quality control of content on NCAT’s websites. In addition, Cathy works as part of NCAT’s Energy Team, editing technical reports, assisting with on-site energy audits, and presenting information to potential clients. In her free time, she enjoys traveling, especially through Montana’s captivating landscapes.

Bachelor of Science in Technical Communications, Montana College of Mineral Science and Technology

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