Episode 95. CSA Beginner and CSA Veteran

In this episode, Andy Pressman, director of the National Center for Appropriate Technology’s Northeast Regional Office in Keene, New Hampshire, and a specialist with NCAT’s ATTRA sustainable agriculture program, talks with two farmers with differing experiences in offering Community Support Agriculture – or CSA – subscriptions to their customers.

Sam Humphrey, director of the NCAT Demonstration Farm at Piney Woods School near Jackson, Mississippi, joins in the discussion along with Christine Doherty Pressman, of the Foggy Hill Farm near Jaffrey, New Hampshire.

Christine, who is married to Andy, has nearly 20 years worth of experience with CSAs. By contrast, the most recent growing season was Sam’s first time offering a CSA.

They talk about the issues that go into a CSA – crop planning, marketing, effective harvesting strategies, qualifying to accept SNAP payments, deciding what to do with excess produce, and more.

For more information on this topic, you can contact Andy Pressman directly at andyp@ncat.org and Sam Humphrey at samh@ncat.org.

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