Direct Marketing to Institutions: Healthcare Case Study

The farmer/rancher share of the food dollar has shrunk dramatically in the last century. The processing, marketing, and distribution sector reaps the majority of the profit in our food system these days and at smaller scales, more growers are turning to direct marketing to increase the viability of their operations. Not only does direct marketing enhance the farmers’ position in a competitive economic environment, but it creates personal connections that allow farmers, consumers and communities to unite around increasing access to good quality, locally grown food.

Making the most of your time as a producer is critical if you’re trying to grow, market and sell your own products. Join us in this webinar to learn about some of the strategies that you might use to streamline your time when forming a relationship with an institutional buyer. We’ll take a close look at the healthcare market in particular, with Seth Bostick, Executive Chef at Kalispell Regional Medical Center and Keith Graham, a mid-sized producer that grows some of the vast amount of local produce purchased by Seth regularly.