Do Louisiana irises make good cut flowers and can I raise them in Missouri?

S.B.Missouri Answer: Louisiana irises make excellent cut flowers and plants for water gardens. Although they originated from several species native to the coastal area of southern Louisiana and the Mississippi River Delta, Louisiana irises can be grown in Missouri. In fact, at least one nursery in northwest Missouri, Comanche Acres Iris Garden, sells the plants. The postal and e-mail addresses are below.The Society for Louisiana Irises is the best source of information on cultivation. The SLI holds an annual convention, publishes a quarterly newsletter, and hosts an Internet discussion group. It offers the book The Louisiana Iris at a discounted price. Nurseries selling plants are listed in the newsletter and on the Web site. ResourcesAnon. No date. Introduction: Cultural Information. 2 p., Marie. 2000. The Culture of Louisiana Irises. 5 Acres Iris Gardens
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