Do you know of any videos on sustainable agriculture?

A.H.OregonAnswer: I’m listing below a few of the sustainable agriculture videos I found that may be useful to you.Southern Sustainable Agriculture Working Group (SSAWG)Virtual Farm Tours Southern SAWG’s video series titled Natural Farming Systems in the South provides an easy, economical way to take a virtual tour of some highly successful farming operations in the region. Compiled in partnership with the USDA’s Risk Management Agency, these broadcast-quality videos focus on featured farmers who relate in detailed, plain-spoken terms the whole farming system and each component unique to their particular operation. Can see 2 minute clips online, can order the full videos (~20 mins) online.Boggy Creek FarmAustin, TX This is a YouTube video.Innovations in Agriculture: An Introduction to the SARE Program (video)This 14-minute video about USDA’s Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SARE) program provides colorful vignettes of how sustainable agriculture is being researched and tested on farms and ranches across the nation. The video takes you across four states, where researchers, agricultural educators and farmers detail their efforts to adopt more sustainable methods. Can preview video streaming online, and can order it from the website.Cooperative Extension – eOrganicVideo Clips about Organic Farming These are short clips that cover different topic of sustainable agriculture, can view them online.University of Vermont Center for Sustainable AgricultureEducational Videos (Order Form Website) This is just an order form, no access to preview of videos. I would call and ask if there is a way to preview it before ordering.