Ecological Farming Association Honors Sustie and Justie Award Winners

Ecological Farming Association is honoring this year’s Sustie and Justie award winners at the EcoFarm Conference on March 16, 2022. The Steward of Sustainable Agriculture, or “Sustie,” honors people who have been actively and critically involved in ecologically sustainable agriculture and have demonstrated their long-term, significant contributions to the well-being of agriculture and the planet. This year’s Sustie winners are the Agriculture & Land-Based Training Association (ALBA), David Katz and Karen Van Epen, and Richard Smith. The Advocate of Social Justice or “Justie” award honors outstanding individuals who have been active advocates for social justice as a critical aspect of ecologically-sustainable agriculture and food systems. This year’s Justie is awarded to Dr. Isao Fujimoto, who received his award just before his passing earlier this month.