Agroforesty and Permaculture @ The Village Orchard

Contact information
Farm Address:
600 S Main Street
Fairfield, Iowa, 52556

Primary Contact: Agustin Harless
Primary Phone:
    Number: 641 919 6985


Internship information
General Farm Description: While managing orchards and residential fruit tree plantings in and around Fairfield Iowa, I have basically become "the fruit tree guy" in our little town and the business has grown to the point of needing season long hired help. And this year I will also be starting a 20 Share Fruit CSA because I am connected to so much available fruit in the county.

CRAFT Member Farm? No

Internship Starts: March
Internship Ends: November
Number of Internship Available: 1
Application Deadline: March 15th
Minimum Length of Stay: 6 Months

Internship Details:

Primary work in the fruit tree business includes: Grafting, tending a nursery, planting trees, protecting trees, pruning, organic holistic management, harvest and preservation. You would be helping me with my fruit tree work on a part time basis 10-20 hours per week with a starting pay of $17.50/hour. In the fruit CSA you will be: harvesting, cleaning, boxing, preserving and distributing the fruit to the CSA members. You will recieve a $200/month base stipend for the CSA, and I expect it to require 5-10 hours/week. I am involved in a few other organic food businesses where you could find more paid work if interested

Educational Opportunities: I am currently enrolled in an online Masters in Regenerative Organic Agriculture program. You can easily audit any of the classes I am taking and Im happy to share all of my materials with you. Learning about Agroforestry and Permaculture will happen by osmosis working side by side 4 ish days a week

Skills Desired: I am looking for someone with a positive attitude, enthusiasm about Perennial Foods, farming and local food, a desire to learn, a dependable nature, a strong back and good knees, are comfortable working independently and with a team, and are willing to work hard outside in all weather for long hours at repetitive tasks. Good people/communication skills are important. We are raising children while doing this work, so we'd love if you have some familiarity with kids. At the least, a willingness to be around babies and young children as well as ability to be self-directed while we are child wrangling! Prior farming or gardening experience is preferable but not necessary. Please be vaccinated for COVID-19.

Meals: You are welcome to eat meals with our family on a regular basis. But you will have to have your own basic food system covered.

Stipend: $200 per month stipend, plus 10-20 hours/week of work available @$17.50/hour

Housing: I can help you find an affordable rental situation in Town. If you do not have a car, we can give you a bike, and you can ride with me to work. We live near the middle of our small town, and its great and easy to get everywhere you need to be by bike or walking.

Preferred method of Contact: Email