Allicins Ranch

Contact information
Farm Address:
7512 old hwy two loop
moyie springs, Idaho, 83845

Primary Contact: ben
Secondary Contact: ben

Primary Phone:
    Number: 352-817-0111

Secondary Phone
    Number: 208-267-8076



Internship information
General Farm Description: Allicin's (Allicin, pronounced "Allison", is the chemical compound in garlic responsible for all its health benefits. We specialize in garlic and have been growing and supplying maybe the worlds best seed garlic to small gardeners all over the world for the last 22 years. We grow 40 different types of garlic, have a online catalogue, ship across the globe, and distribute fresh garlic throughout the western United States to over 40 health food stores and co-ops. On the farm we also grow many other fun things such as berries, and asparagus, as well as every garden veggie you may desire. We stay very busy as we minimize outside inputs and try to produce as much as we can on site from our own farm including building materials, compost, and green manure. We have a fish pond for irrigation (and cooling off in the summer), pasture, woods, fields, and fenced garden spaces. It all functions together very well to create a growers paradise. Our farm is very diverse as is our daily work load. We have a very successful businees in a very rural part of the country. It is not easy beating out a living where we are. My Uncle David was a pioneer in the organic movement and taught me much of what I know. Not many people here have been able to succeed; however, we are. It is a beautiful place and we wish to share it with the right people. People who are conscious and aware of the importance of clean food and a clean environment.

CRAFT Member Farm? No

Internship Starts: June 1, 2022
Internship Ends: at least 1 year June 1, 2023
Number of Internship Available: 2
Application Deadline: June 1, 2022
Minimum Length of Stay: 1 year

Internship Details:

This is an internship where we are looking for someone, or a couple to manage the farm full time in the coming years. A couple would be best, but you will also have to be willing to work apart at times. We have been at this a long time and have much to share, but we just had our first child, and wish to spend more time with her. It would be VERY difficult to describe everything you would be required to do here as it is not as simple as saying “you are required to manage a farm.” There is so much more to being here. It is like farming while managing a fortune 500 company. Besides all of the work required to operate the farm, there are countless hours spent on the computer, in the office, in the shop, and in the shipping room. There is advertising, marketing, customer service, phone calls, accounting, human relations, managing workers, developing new products, maintenance, shipping, driving, up keep, etc, etc, etc. You will come away from this with a honed mind and body capable of fitting into any work situation and making it function more efficiently. Efficiency will be the number one skill you learn here. DO not apply however if you do not want to make this a long term position. We do not have the time, nor inclination to train people on a yearly basis. We are looking for someone to take over this small farm and successful business for a minimum of three years. It will take at least a year to get fully trained. After that compensation will increase annually as long as you continue to stay. We are not simply looking for someone to maintain our business, but we are looking to grow our business. We currently import garlic from sustainable certified organic farmers from Mexico, Argentina, and Africa. All of these farmers we know directly and have personal relationships with. We feel very good about the work we do with our cooperative farms as all of their lives have gotten much better since our relationships began. Again, if you have a strong work ethic, imaginative mind, can take instruction well, are not prone to emocion and drama, and want to live and work in a beautiful environment and still travel, please consider this position.

Educational Opportunities: Skills for life

Skills Desired: As proficient with a chainsaw as a computer would be helful, but not required. The most important thing would be to be open minded and receptive to instruction. To be able to problem solve, but also able to fit into a very diverse work environment

Meals: All the garden veggies you desire are there at your desposal. We provide staples also such as rice, beans, oats, and quinoa.

Stipend: Yes. We provide a comfortable stipend. All of our employees have been able to save money while working here. We expect to pay a fair wage, and going forward if you stay with us your yearly wage will increase as we grow together.

Housing: Yes, We have a very nice house availiable for this position.

Preferred method of Contact: email