Carnation Farms

Contact information
Farm Address:
28901 NE Carnation Farms Road
Carnation, Washington, 98014

Primary Contact: Tiffany Cooper
Primary Phone:
    Number: 4258443234



Internship information
General Farm Description: Carnation Farms is a nonprofit organization on a mission to transform the way that people want to eat. We celebrate delicious and nutritious food produced in a sustainable manner by providing inspirational and educational experiences that positively affect the health, the environment, and local economies. We develop the next generation of food citizens and grow new farmers. We currently have 12 acres of certified organic vegetables and herbs, a small orchard, annually grow layer hens and meat chickens, turkeys and sheep and caretake a cattle herd on property and are planning on expanding to other livestock in 2021 (rabbits). We promote good soil health, biodiversity, pollinator habitat, high standards and transparency for our livestock management and consider environmental sustainability a core responsibility.

CRAFT Member Farm? No

Internship Starts: April 5, 2021
Internship Ends: November 30, 2021
Number of Internship Available: 5
Application Deadline: February 4th
Minimum Length of Stay: program entirety from April 5 to November 30

Internship Details:

Applications are now being accepted for Carnation Farms 2021 Growing Farmers program. This 8 month mentorship program includes proven curriculum, a bi weekly stipend, and affordable bunk-style housing (for individuals, due to capacity we can’t accommodate families or pets thanks). You also get to learn while working and living on a beautiful and historic farm!
Please visit our website to find more information about the program.
Application here:

Educational Opportunities: this is an educational mentorship program so part of it is classroom education and part of it is practical hands-on learning in the field

Skills Desired: We want participants with some farming experience and who are enthusiastic to learn more. The program participants are immersed in Carnation Farms production systems so get exposed to certified organic vegetable and livestock production with a small amount of orcharding and perennial berry production.

Meals: no

Stipend: yes, applicants are paid $1095 every two weeks

Housing: yes, affordable bunk-style housing is available for individuals (due to space limitations we can not host families or pets please).

Preferred method of Contact: email