Coveyou Scenic Farm – Produce Intern

Contact information
Farm Address:
4160 US Highway 131
Petoskey, Michigan, 49770

Primary Contact: David Coveyou
Primary Phone:
    Number: 231-347-4056

Secondary Phone
    Number: 231-347-4056


Internship information
General Farm Description: Coveyou Scenic Farm is a 147 year old family farm that grows certified organic vegetables along with fruit and potted flowers for direct sales to the public in the resort community of Petoskey, Michigan. Located on a hill overlooking Walloon Lake, with 25 acres in diverse certified organic vegetable production, 3 greenhouses and 9 high tunnels (7 moveable). We use the latest technology in high tunnels, irrigation and early season growing techniques along with the latest energy conservation ideas through our geothermal walk-in coolers/heated greenhouse and solar PV array. We sell through our on-farm retail market, CSA program and to a variety of restaurants, schools and retail outlets. Our on-farm market is a community source for all things grown and made locally.

CRAFT Member Farm? No

Internship Starts: May/June 2022
Internship Ends: Aug-Oct 2022
Number of Internship Available: 2
Application Deadline: None
Minimum Length of Stay: 7 weeks

Internship Details:

This Internship is for people who are looking to expand their knowledge of how their food is grown, how successful certified organic small farms can be run and how produce can be marketed to the general public to promote healthier lifestyles. This summer internship will give you exposure on how we transplant, grow, irrigate and harvest our produce in the fields and will include some time doing all those things. We have focused most of this internship on what happens after the produce is harvested. The produce that is grown on the farm is washed, graded, sorted and packed for a range of orders from our CSA, restaurants, institutions, food co-ops, schools or our on-farm market. You have your hands in all of it. No two days are ever the same but yet a vast array of produce goes through your hands. Training on all the latest food safety and organic labeling standards will become part of your working knowledge. Additionally, you will help us evolve our on farm market to sell produce and locally made items from over 50 different producers. We are using some of the latest inventory tracking and POS software to manage the flow of product and your creativity and insights will help us make our truly unique market even better! Interns work about 40 hours a week.

Educational Opportunities: Farming involves a wide array of skills and this internship lets you have a hands-on role in many of them. How produce is grown from seed to harvest and the techniques and skills of how to package produce for sale is a large part of organic farming. Mastering these skills and learning the process of how we continually monitor and improve all of our farm systems is part of the experience. Interns are key participants in packing our CSA boxes and preparing all produce deliveries. Helping us evolve and expand our market to feature produce and locally produced items from around the region available on line is part of this year's goals. Experiencing how we track inventory, receive and ship products and handle online sales is all part of successful farming these days and you will get to see it all. Sustainability and energy efficiency are a major focus on the farm and we have multiple on-farm conservation components: our geothermal walk-in vegetable cooler, geothermal run produce field heat removal system and market display system, our 20KW PV net metered electrical generation solar array, a geothermal heated seed germination / transplant growing system. You will get to learn about these systems and use them in our day to day operation!

Skills Desired: Positive attitude, willingness to learn and having a good attention to detail are all important in this position. Desire to work hard is a given on an active farm like ours.

Meals: Interns prepare their own meals and are welcome and encouraged to cook and eat the wide variety of our farm grown organic vegetables which are provided free of charge.

Stipend: A weekly stipend of $225 is provided with a bonus of $25/week for staying the agreed duration. Vacation day bonus plan based on the length of your stay. Housing with wireless internet and clothes washer/dryer as well as unlimited organic produce. Beautiful Scenic setting.

Housing: We supply housing in an on farm furnished house. Each intern will get their own room and will share bathrooms. The house has wireless internet and a clothes washing machine. Regular care and cleaning of the home is required of the interns. The farm is located roughly 3 miles from downtown Petoskey, making biking or driving an easy option. This area of northern Michigan is usually bustling in the summer and fall tourism season with numerous festivals, concerts, and other cultural/recreational opportunities. The region is known for its abundance of lakes, beaches, bike trails and extensive Lake Michigan coastline. A car is not required but is generally very helpful.

Preferred method of Contact: Via email or phone