Creekside Farm CSA

Contact information
Farm Address:
339 Avery Creek Rd
Arden, North Carolina, 28704

Primary Contact: Ayrton Webb
Primary Phone:
    Number: 8283333037


Internship information
General Farm Description: Creekside Farm is a CSA and market farm that began in 2017 located in Arden, NC -- 20 minutes south of Asheville. We are a diversified vegetable farm growing on 3 acres with a laying flock of 80 hens and a small herd of beef cattle. At Creekside Farm, we implement low-till/no-till practices that build healthy soils. We strive to promote soil fertility through ecologically based growing methods with an emphasis on resilient agriculture. Creekside Farm is largely CSA driven and it is our goal to provide our community members with a diversified selection of high quality, sustainably grown vegetables. We strive to create a sense of community surrounding food, agriculture and the cultural narrative of WNC.

CRAFT Member Farm? Yes

Internship Starts: March 15, 2021
Internship Ends: TBD in December
Number of Internship Available: 1
Application Deadline: March 1
Minimum Length of Stay: prefer a full season commitment

Internship Details:

The assistant farm manager will manage the daily tasks required to keep the farm running. This position will begin in Late March/Early April and end in late November/December. The ideal candidate is quick and efficient with an emphasis on attention-detailed work tasks, is great with directions, and can offer creative solutions to work tasks/organization. The assistant manager acts as a second pair of eyes on the farm and communicates clearly with the farm manager. Staying motivated and maintaining a steady pace will be important to the success of the workday. The work schedule is primarily Monday through Friday, and the assistant manager can expect to work 40 hours a week. Depending on the season and the demands of the farm, there will be times when this varies slightly. Candidates who can conduct an in-person working interview will be given strong preference. On-farm housing is not provided.

Duties include, but are not limited to:
1. Assist the farm manager in all aspects of the farm operation.
2. Operate and maintain tools and equipment.
3. Seeding, transplanting, trellising, and greenhouse work
4. Harvesting, washing, and packing of crops for CSA and markets
5. Weeding and cultivation
6. Maintenance of grounds and worksite infrastructure.
7. Assist with farm tours and various educational workshops.
8. Managing volunteer labor.
9. Facilitate CSA pick up.
10. Help manage laying hens (collect eggs, wash/pack eggs, feed, water, etc)
12. Keep all farm areas clean and organized(return tools to the original place, harvest bins, or any item used that day)
13. Attend weekly farmers markets (Occasionally if there is interest)

1. Previous farm experience is preferred but not required.
2. Ability to work long hours in various weather conditions.
3. Valid drivers license for use of farm trucks for produce deliveries, farm events, and weekly farmers markets
4. Occasionally assist with weekend work chores
5. A willingness to learn, ask questions, has a positive attitude, and the ability to understand directions, give attention to detail
6. Must be able to lift and carry 50 pounds

$11/hr paid biweekly

Days and Hours of Work
Work days will be Monday-Friday. The employee will occasionally be responsible for facilitating on-farm CSA pick up. Each work day will begin at 7:30 am. The goal is to end the work day by 4:30 pm so we can have a life outside of work! It should be understood that *occasionally* some tasks are time sensitive and may require completion, leading to a longer work day. The farm manager will do their best to inform you if they foresee this happening.

Days off and Leave
This is a seasonal position, March/April-November/December. The AM is allowed two paid days off during this period. We typically work on holidays. Any requested time off longer than two days requires a two week notice. However if you need to take your pet to the vet/get your vehicle worked on/have a doctors appointment then of course this is ok within reason. Weekend work will not be asked of the Assistant Manager unless the Farm Manager is for some reason unable to be present.

The assistant manager is welcome to all “seconds” produce. One dozen eggs will also be available on a bi-weekly basis
Attire and Personal Items
The assistant manager must wear appropriate attire for the job. Work/Muck boots, gloves, rain gear, and a hat are recommended. Some jobs may require long pants/long sleeves so having a pair handy is always a good idea. It is also encouraged to have two pairs of boots, one for animal work and one for vegetable work.

Inclement Weather
In farming, inclement weather often increases our farm duties as crops and livestock will require additional attention. Excessive rain, high winds, extreme temperatures, snow, etc., do not stop us from working. Decisions concerning inclement weather will be determined by the farm manager with respect to safety concerns. Be prepared to work in challenging weather conditions when they arise!

Cell Phones
Cell phone usage during work hours should be limited. Texting, phone calls, internet, or pictures should be dealt with during breaks. Exceptions to this are in emergencies or necessary communication with the farm manager. However listening to music via earbuds while harvesting/cultivating is of course acceptable

It should be understood that all farm structures are to remain clean and tidy. Compost should be dumped in a compost pile at the end of the day. Personal items should be taken home or kept in the designated area.

Educational Opportunities: We hope to further educate agrarian-minded individuals in no-till/low-till ecologically based farming methods, what it takes to run a farm business, sell to CSA, restaurants, and the farmer's market. We offer a relatively creative work atmosphere in conjunction with a fast paced environment. The assistant manager will gain a robust hand-labor skillset as well as tractor oriented work. The assistant manager will also have the option of being involved in the robust WNC CRAFT community.

Skills Desired: No experience is required to apply, but past work-related experience is ideal. A passion for small scale agriculture is required.

Meals: we do not provide farm meals on a regular basis, but occasionally will have farm lunches prepared.

Stipend: This job is paid, $11/hr biweekly

Housing: Housing is Not provided. Average cost for housing in the Asheville area is 500-700$/month

Preferred method of Contact: email